The Cheapest TV Backlight You Will Ever Find





Introduction: The Cheapest TV Backlight You Will Ever Find

Always wanted to have a nice soothing backlight for your TV?

Don't want to shell out $50 for LED light strips from IKEA?

Don't want a Philips TV with built-in "Ambilight"?

Step 1: Get a Lamp

If you don't have one left over, IKEA has a perfect one for $5.99.

Step 2: Get a Light Bulb

I got a compact fluorescent bulb because the back of my TV was warm enough as it was.

Step 3: Combine!

If you run into difficulties during this step - find a four-year-old child to help you - or summon the spirit of Groucho Marx.

Step 4: Place It Behind the TV

Gently place the highly advanced contraption behind the TV.

Step 5: Turn On, Tune In, Pass Out

Or at least turn on and tune in.



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    try the 2 foot led strips at Home Depot.

    It could, you just need to find some way of suspending the light.

    This small lamp + light won't fit behind my flush mounted LCD.

    Oh, I see what you mean. My TV is in the corner of the room and is on one of thos e wall brackets that pull out.


    Wicked Cool, but for me, a regular fixture would not fit, Home Depot, 2 - 2 foot led strips ,$8.

    wow i need one for mine nice

    >or summon the spirit of Groucho Marx.

    Yuo sou fanni! :>

    I have done something similar, but use a LED light bulb $9-$13 that cycles through different colours. Uses 1W of power, so I leave it on nearly all the time.

    Cheap would be to use a candle, would look good especially for romantic movies. :-)

    A not so cheap option would be to tap into the video signal and change the light intensity and color of the back light depending on what is being displayed on the screen.

    I'd say the best way to get this look on the cheap is to do it yourself.  I did it with a few T4 fluorescent lights from my local store w/ a little velcro. 

    Give Savio lighting a call.  The fixtures are as cheap as $22.50 which includes the bulb and all the mounting. 

    This is a good idea. I'm used to CRTs and just got a 26" HDTV and it was great when it's light out but as soon as it got darker I'm like "wow this thing is crazy bright". I could turn down the brightness but it looks better as is. I happen to have a coil of rope lights I got from home depot but never used. They are easily strung around the TV or behind it and they are less than $20. Having more light behind or around the TV is better than having a light on for the whole room imho. The changing ambilights on the Philips TV are havoc on those of use who are easily sickened from things like that. :)

    this articleGood job. I just want to add that cnet says that the light should be 6500 kelvin (or cri 98) as per this article: matching bulb. A quick search on amazon shows a matching bulb to be aroun 6 bucks US.

    How about pass out?? It seems like so much work..

    Great Job, awesome instructable ;)

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    Sounds a lot better :) Thanks!

    I saw your instructable but didn't think drilling holes in my brand new TV sounded like a good idea. That's probably because I haven't had enough beer yet though.

    Can we please see a before and after pic? Just for kicks :)

    I was in a hurry and grabbed the first light fixture I could find that would fit and wasn't already in use. I found it in the garage - my trouble light. CFL bulb and way I go. It's behind my monitor and glowing as I type.

    Awesome, we have Ikea here in Australia also, will check it out, getting a home soon, and will definably be looking into doing this. Nice write up.. haha on the 4 year old child...