Picture of The cheapest TV backlight you will ever find
Always wanted to have a nice soothing backlight for your TV?

Don't want to shell out $50 for LED light strips from IKEA?

Don't want a Philips TV with built-in "Ambilight"?
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Step 1: Get a lamp

Picture of Get a lamp
If you don't have one left over, IKEA has a perfect one for $5.99.

Step 2: Get a light bulb

Picture of Get a light bulb
I got a compact fluorescent bulb because the back of my TV was warm enough as it was.

Step 3: Combine!

Picture of Combine!
If you run into difficulties during this step - find a four-year-old child to help you - or summon the spirit of Groucho Marx.

Step 4: Place it behind the TV

Picture of Place it behind the TV
Gently place the highly advanced contraption behind the TV.

Step 5: Turn on, tune in, pass out

Picture of Turn on, tune in, pass out
Or at least turn on and tune in.
zootsim4 years ago
I have done something similar, but use a LED light bulb $9-$13 that cycles through different colours. Uses 1W of power, so I leave it on nearly all the time.