Not bad looking and probably the least expensive these can be, provided that, like me, you have a few miscellaneous bits around.

Update 2/16/14: I dropped my HTC One XL again and this time the glass smashed pretty badly. I still can't bring myself to spend hundreds for new glass and I'm in the middle of a two-year contract, so I picked up a ZTE Radiant pre-pay phone and stuck my SIM in it. It's a bit lower end and a bit smaller, but hey, I do have a ten-inch tablet so no worries. The ZTE fits right onto the stand that was customized for the HTC. The only thing I changed was the lettering on the front!

Step 1:

I saw these at the Dollar Tree and knew that I just had to take a couple home.

To clarify, especially for those outside the US, everything at Dollar Tree is $1.
<p>I just picked up one of these today. I was looking around to store for something to increase the weight, and eventually came upon an 8 pack of play-dough. It seemed to be the densest inert substance that I could find in the store. In order to keep it from drying (and losing some of its density) I lined the inside with plastic wrap, and then packed in the play-dough. They have a nice solid weight to them now.</p>
can we make it charged and has a function of usb otg !
If I can get a couple more, I'll try wiring one directly to a powered hub. With keyboard, mouse, hard drive, etc, I'll have a nifty hybrid phone/PC! Why? Becuase I can!
I'm sorry it must be ?

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