The Cheapest Solar Boiler





Introduction: The Cheapest Solar Boiler

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Thinking about saving energy probe several prototype solar boiler and this is the best and I worked on everything was very cheap

Step 1: Description

Using the installation of the house
I have at home on the roof water tank one that is used to water when needed. one day I cleaned and note that the hot water was then exposed to the sun all day. The basic idea is to use this water heated by the sun to bathe.

Step 2: Modifications and Operation

Modifying water connections
basically what we have to do is connect directly to the departure of water tank shower and black paint of the water tank, that is to better absorb heat from sunlight

mode of operation
all you have to do is close the valve “B” step in that do not reach the normal supply of water to the shower, so only use water from the water tank.
the valve “B” must be open when no one was to bathe for refill the water tank.

Step 3: Inside of Water Tank

A water tank has an outlet through which fills with water and then same supply the water system in the house.

Step 4:

Option 2 you could connect directly from water tank, the water flow By gravity to the shower, the only condition is maintain fill the pipe always.

Future ideas
best way to cath the sun's heat is possible by adding reflectors to concentrate more sunlight to water tank, could also be placing an acrylic or crystal transparent coating to the heat of water tank not escape heat at night, that is doing works like a thermos.



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    I like the idea of using a toilet float and ballcock assembly. i have been thinking that instead of retrofitting a bucket you could save yourself sometime if you could find an old toilet tank to to use, especially if those parts are still operating. paint it black, hook it up, and heat.


    A solar boiler that will assist to boil a liquid other than water to reduce the use of fosil fuel. it will enable enhance the quality of the liquid because as it approaches boiling temperature it has to be transferred to another heating method for a very short time to achieve boiling temperature. this exercise will assist cut down on the cost of boiling this liquid using fosil fuel.

    appreciate if u assist with the new requirements for somthing that will go a long way in assisting our country cut down on costs using solars power that is abundant in our country.



    Just a thought. That the feed valve for the tank should be attached to the lower fitting and a longer arrangement for the float. The warmer water should naturally rise to the top as it is heated - this will cause less mixing of the water and a higher temperature water at the top to run to the shower.

    interesting but there is one big danger with this system: Legionella

    Yes I have a combi solution in parallel to solar heat I install a electric shower for cloudy days, you must have backup for heat water, tanks for your comments!

    This is a good use of solar energy,A guy on a web site ( I forget the name) found that this type of set up made the water way to hot for showers and made a square out of large PVC pipe, it was about 3foot by 3foot, with the shower attachment inserted into the pipe. About 30 minutes before he wants to take a shower he moves it into the shade, and that cools it down to tolerable temperatures. I want to use your method for having hot water on hand for dishes and to cut down on energy use on my stove when i want to boil water.

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    I'm at this moment using this method but the tank is a large (40mm)black pipe and I connected it with a thermostatic tap so the tap arranges the mixture between hot and cold water. I just have to set it to a certain temp (ca 42degrees Celcius)and the tap does all the rest. I was planning to show it in instructables after holiday season. Great instructable. Michel Portugal

    I'd think it'd be not so much a problem as long as you'd seperate hot cold controls, a small amount of hot water goes a long way, and you're running primarily cold, so your tank should last as long as needed. I could be wrong though. Good idea on dishes and boiling though. The water should definitely be hot enough to sterilize.

    You give me a tip, maybe could use 2 pipes at diferent diameters one inserted into the other like a thermos.. let me test some protos..

    Tanks meddler, you give me a tip using large PVC pipe and small pipe into the pipe, I think works like a Thermos... let me try...