Picture of The cheapest way to Convert Optical Mouse into a TrackBall
This is the beginning about a project to convert a optical mouse into a Trackball for a cheap multimedia kiosk peripheral. We can´t use the mouse as the original way, because it can be damaged or stolen. So we propose this PROTOTYPE to make some experiments and see if it works. Ok so what we need is:

1 Empty Roll-on deodorant
1 Cutter
1 Cutting pliers
1 Glue or sillicon pistol
1 Optical Mouse

Step 1: Getting the ball

Picture of Getting the ball
Ok so we need the ball of the roll-on deodorant so we take our cutter and simple cut the upper part of the dedorant case where ball is. Not to be necessary perfect in the cut

 Important: you need to leave some material where the ball can support itself without touching the superfice where it will be rested.
ShamielJ11 months ago

This is absolutely brilliant, i love the idea! :)

I built a mini arcade cabinet with an android tablet, this will be a perfect trackball for arkanoid and the likes.

I only need left and right, so I'll install the mouse upside down beneath the control panel to invert the axis correctly.

patbeck86 (author)  ShamielJ11 months ago

Great! If you can post a Video of your finished work It will be awesome!

ShamielJ patbeck8611 months ago
almost complete.....
cabinet 04 - Copy.jpgcabinet 04c - Copy.jpg
its_mishra1 year ago
how to click?
patbeck86 (author)  its_mishra1 year ago
Is not finished, the future work you need to do, is solding push Buttons switches form the internal circuit.
Pode-se usar este "Sakasa": http://www.trudelmer.com.br/blog/2011/08/23/mouse-ou-tochpad-invertido/
redsunmtm1 year ago
the only problem, is that left and right are inverted, but really clever !
webfp463 years ago
I don't now what operating system you are using, but with almost any linux distro (the ones using X11) you could use xinput to invert your mouse. Take a look at the manpage: man 'xinput'.
patbeck86 (author)  webfp463 years ago
We´re using Edubuntu 11.10 and yes we found a solution to the inverted x axis in the next forum: http://askubuntu.com/questions/16480/inverted-mouse-axis-on-a-ubuntu-live-usb

It works perfectly

Thank you in advance!
nice to hear it is working.

For other people that come across this issue:
Find your mouse with 'xinput -list'
Left-right inversion with: 'xinput set-int-prop "YOUR_MOUSE_NAME" "Evdev Axis Inversion" 8 1 0'
top-bottom inversion with: 'xinput set-int-prop "YOUR_MOUSE_NAME" "Evdev Axis Inversion" 8 0 1'
rimar20003 years ago
Clever! You are a master!
patbeck86 (author)  rimar20003 years ago
thank you! hope you like it!
knife1413 years ago
This is an excellent idea! I would have never thought of using a roll-on deodorant applicator. Thanks for posting this.
patbeck86 (author)  knife1413 years ago
Thank you, the idea comes because we need something cheap and easy to do and implement to use in public places, so if suffer damage we can easily replace!