The Cheating Ping-pong Ball





Introduction: The Cheating Ping-pong Ball

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This Ping Pong Ball Is a very stupid hack to have a game in your favor ,
And yes i do know this is stupid but , ...

will help you win !!! ( well sort of )

anyway i will post it here

the list of materials is short and this project is relatively easy to do

Read ans/or Enjoy

Also Here Is a small demostration

Step 1: Materials & Tools

1-A Ping-pong ball ( Any Brand )
2-A small Screw ( Flat head if you can)
3-A small drop of white/wood glue (NEVER use CA or else the ball will melt and stink)

An X-acto Or similar hobby knife
A small screwdriver (depending in the head of your screw)
A pair of hands And brain ( or use Your mental powers if you want)
Nothing Else

Step 2: Assembly

Make A small hole in a hemisphere of the ball , then place the screw

REMEMBER : it must fit very snuggly or the screw will fall

Step 3: Finishing

Screw down the screw

And apply a drop ( or Two) of glue around the screw
Wait for it to dry

Step 4: Start Wining 1!!!

Oh boy , it's done

NEVER do use this in a Tournament or serious game
THIS sholud be used as a prank or to annoy someone

I am NOT liable of anything you do .


I am NOT liable of anything you do .

Have Fun , And Thanks For Reading

See ya..



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    Idk how it would help

    Even though this would change the bounce, I highly doubt that it would be an advantage to either player.

    I'm sorry, but I don't get how this helps you cheat

    try a ping pong paint ball that would be cool they hit it and it explodes yea (dont do that over your own house it will probaly make a mess but wont stsain

    wow..... you could just add a small dab of hot glue on the ping pong ball and it would work to.

    If you're this desperate to cheat, you could just throw your paddle at them. You can't loose against a unconscious opponent! (JK Don't do this)

    3 replies

    My Sis could lose against an unconscious opponent!! She is ssooo F@#%in' un-co!!!

    wrong. cheaters always win and winners are always cheaters. its all about perception of the 'cheating'

    How wrong you are.

    yea. what a lie that guy just told.



    they can have a lot of fun before being busted, though.

    Since the screw gives a little off-weight the ball looses balance and change it's trajectory

    What happened to the "be nice" policy?