Hi Folks,

As I was fed up seeing the same laser engraved banana on every blog related to design, fabbing, laser machining, etc... I've decided to make my own version of the laser engraved banana. 

See how laser marks bananas...


Please: comment about this phenomenon, your ideas of things to be engraved on it, your own tries & errors... 

More versions to come.
That is so awesome it must have taken ages to make!
15 minutes: looking for nice images to be etched <br>15 minutes: making an image that's proper for engraving (size, format, tracing bitmap to get a vector image) <br>15 minutes: making tests on the rear side of the banana to get the right laser settings <br>5 minutes: engraving the currently visible side. <br>15 minutes: taking several pictures + uploading to Instructables + writing the text <br>
kk sounds like a long time!
Dude! that's hilarious. Maybe you could get it bronzed, then etch it again to make circuit paths!
@rimar2000 &amp; @mikeasaurus thanks for the nice comments! <br>
Very interesting!
That's one nice looking banana <em>(I didn't even know this was a thing)</em>

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