Often times people peel bananas from the stem down. This causes them to bruise and get mushy after a few attempts. Monkeys do not peel bananas like this. They peel them from the top down. 

Here are some steps and images to explain the process. 

Step 1: locating the top!

 Make sure to find the end of the banana opposite from the stem.


<p>You know, most people cut their fingernails. This wouldn't work for those people.</p><p>Also, can't say I've ever experienced opening from the stem causing bruising</p>
<p>I tried it and it doesn't work</p>
<p>I found the stings to be more of a problem when I peeled it from the top rather than the stem.</p>
<p>No. You're wrong. I don't like you comment.</p>
If you use the opener (&quot;stem&quot;) on the other end of it, you can keep your nails clean ;)<br /> <br /> btw, great thing that *anything* can be found on the Internet :)<br />
<p>I don't agree with you</p>
<p>It's amazing)))) Would never have guessed=)))))) Thank's for your fun instruction</p>
After travelling extensively in Central America, I can confirm that this is indeed the way that monkeys peel bananas. Do you doubt the wisdom of the mono?<br />
&nbsp;haha thanks for the confirmation!
&nbsp;It's just like picking off a scab, it works real nice.
&nbsp;This also makes it so you don't have the stringie things
Wrong end!<br />
If you've got thumbnails at all you can always dig your thumbnail in a little to the inner curved part of the stem right where it meets the banana. Once there's a cut there, it's easy to peel the stem back from it without mushiness. I can't see how this way is a lot better... maybe it's easier to take the black bottom part off if you have short thumbnails?<br />
&nbsp;Meh. I prefer breaking the banana's neck. It looks more awesome.

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