Picture of The correct way to peel a banana
 Often times people peel bananas from the stem down. This causes them to bruise and get mushy after a few attempts. Monkeys do not peel bananas like this. They peel them from the top down. 

Here are some steps and images to explain the process. 

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Step 1: Locating the top!

Picture of locating the top!
 Make sure to find the end of the banana opposite from the stem.

Step 2: Pinching the top off

Picture of Pinching the top off
 This  is where you will be starting to open up the banana without bruising or mashing it. Take your thumb nail and press it into the black part of the top. Use your pointer finger as a wall to pry it up. 

Step 3: Peel it back

Picture of Peel it back
 Once you've gotten the top part off, start to peel it back towards the stem. 

Step 4: Peel back the other parts

Picture of Peel back the other parts
 Now you can peel back the rest of the parts of the banana peel

Step 5: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!
Now join your monkey brethren and eat your unbruised, un-mashed banana with joy!
JuliaS44 months ago

It's amazing)))) Would never have guessed=)))))) Thank's for your fun instruction

Spd5 years ago
If you use the opener ("stem") on the other end of it, you can keep your nails clean ;)

btw, great thing that *anything* can be found on the Internet :)
aeray5 years ago
After travelling extensively in Central America, I can confirm that this is indeed the way that monkeys peel bananas. Do you doubt the wisdom of the mono?
KH0RSH1D (author)  aeray5 years ago
 haha thanks for the confirmation!
Focker5 years ago
 It's just like picking off a scab, it works real nice.
Ghostc45 years ago
 This also makes it so you don't have the stringie things
Jayefuu5 years ago
Wrong end!
truncat5 years ago
If you've got thumbnails at all you can always dig your thumbnail in a little to the inner curved part of the stem right where it meets the banana. Once there's a cut there, it's easy to peel the stem back from it without mushiness. I can't see how this way is a lot better... maybe it's easier to take the black bottom part off if you have short thumbnails?
Shagglepuff5 years ago
 Meh. I prefer breaking the banana's neck. It looks more awesome.