The Cutting Seat Is Pasted in the Helmet





Introduction: The Cutting Seat Is Pasted in the Helmet

The helmet and the cutting seat are prepared

Step 1: The Mount of the Cutting Seat Is Peeled

Noting, it peels the mount

Step 2: Position of the Seat Is Decided

Position of the seat is decided vis-a-vis the helmet

Step 3: [goshigoshi] It Does With the Cloth

In order for the air not to enter, from the center it rubs with the cloth

Step 4: In Order for the Wrinkle Not to Approach, It Cuts

It cuts with the scissors

Step 5: Temporarily, It Could Paste

As been able to paste well, it is visible, but…

Step 6: The Protective Paper Is Peeled Off

Slow, paying attention, it peels off the protective paper, this time, the protective paper when you raise to directly above, is not good. It peels off alongside the curved surface of the helmet.

Step 7: Completion!!!

It could paste well, also everyone will try challenging



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    I want a helmet, toooo. It puts the lotion in the basket. :)

    In fact, I participated for a lecture of technical writing in Japan which there was on February 21. I am lacking in explanation in "helmet contents" and think that, in addition, various deficiency was full. I showed it in Japan in the middle of the night of February 20. I was surprised to get up in the next morning and did not think that there was a response so early. Thank you once again.

    Your grammar needs some help.

    You think that the [me] it is do, with automatic translation it has become meaning unclear.

    What? How ironic.

    It smacks of BabelFish to me...

    It is, is but I use the automatic translation of google

    Oh, a translator, ok.