Picture of The cycling tire
For many years I created all kinds of stuff from bicycle tires. When instructable member shizy25 studied my website she immediately replied: "please write an instructable on that, especially the biker. So here it is. 
Check out all the pictures in this instructable if you are interested, and if you haven't seen enough see
All original pieces were put together on a sewing machine. But for these models a stapler will do.
If you want to try the sewing machine you will need upper and under transport, more tension on the thread and no leather needle ( cuts slits) but an all purpose ( no.100) one.
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Step 1: What's needed?

Picture of what's needed?
Very simple:
Old bicycle tyres, preferably different kinds and sizes.
some iron wire (2-2,5 mm approx.) 
A pair of scissors
a pencil
Some pliers for the iron wire
A stapler ( best is a pliers one, not this table model)
On the second photo the basic plan for a human out of bicycle tire.
for the bicycle : soldering gear

Step 2: The body

Picture of the body
Bicycle tire comes in two different kinds: flat ones and rounded ones. See the picture. For the body a rounded one is better because it is more flexible and makes the body less flat.
You will need a piece of 23 cm. Cut it lengthwise open on the inside of the bow. hold it open and check the width. It should be 7 cm approx. Fold it double. To hold it in place cut a small ring out of a 3-4 cm wide flat tire and pull it over the loose end to form a belt.
Pearlin842 years ago
very beautiful and creative
mbourhan2 years ago
shizy252 years ago
Thank you sooo much for this instructable! looking forward to more from you! good luck for the bike contest...may the best man ( or woman :-) ) win!
craftyv2 years ago
Love them. Great Tutorial. I especially like the Humour and quirky models. Well done.
ramblue2 years ago
osmazomist2 years ago
that's an up-cycle
wobbler2 years ago
Awesome art:) thanx for sharing.