The Dismantling of Car Suspension Springs.





Introduction: The Dismantling of Car Suspension Springs.

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In my car, knocking emerged from the area of ​​the rear suspension.  After inspecting it turned out that the need to replace sleeve in the wishbone. The repair required visits to the mechanic. Unfortunately, it made ​​the job was done carelessly. He was shown a greater distance between the wheel and the wheel arch fender. The lights also have shorter reach illuminate the road. After checking it turned out that put the wrong suspension springs. Do not put them in place on the swing wishbone contoured and poorly settled in the rubber cushion. Improved arrangement of springs. I present to yourself how you can improve the placement of the suspension springs car or replace the bumper.



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    These springs are good for tools, naplatki. I keep 3 of them at home, but I have many projects waiting for my free time. One of them is to make a Schiavona sword using one of these springs, but that work is very demanding for me.

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    The old friend was a lover of the art of samurai. Hand-made ​​samurai sword over half a year of blade cutting machine. There was no such equipment as it is now so consumed several files and grindstones. He showed his work is done, I must say that the samurai fell to the complexes. He was going to do another, but we do not work together anymore so I do not know if he did. I wish you success in carrying out the sword.

    I know that, naplatki. My propose is to make a "sort of" Schiavona. It is not as elaborated as a samurai sword, it was a 16th century venetian sword. The basquet hilt is to me the more difficult part to do, I think. I will not use it for any war, only to hang it in my living room.

    Thats a really clever idea i was struggling thinking about buying spring compressors as ive tried to use nylon straps and they flex too much for being useful i have some old motorcycle chain i might give it a try Thanks for posting!

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    We have already exchanged shock absorbers at the front and there was a need to bother with springs. Since that time, it was in my head how to do it would not seem to expensive equipment, which is not always practical. One day, when I saw the hanging chains thought to myself this is it. I tried and has worked. I hope that many more will be able to use this method.