The Double Single Loop Bracelet


Introduction: The Double Single Loop Bracelet

A bracelet that you will like a lot!!!!!!

Step 1: Placing the Rubber Bands.

Start out with the notch end facing you and place 2 rubber bands around peg #2 and #3 and continue to do that pattern until peg #42. At peg #42 you place one rubber band.

Step 2: Picking the Rubber Bands.

Then, you turn the loom so the tab end is facing you and refer to the pick pattern until you get back to peg #2.

Step 3: Getting the Bracelet Off the Loom.

Last, you gently take the bracelet off the loom, put an S or an C clip on the band and connect to the other band and lastly you can wear it.



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    Wow nice information! I love you color choices reminds me of a orange creamsicle! Welcome to instructables!