Introduction: The Duct Tape Bottle Cap Braclet

look at the braclet!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Materials

all you need is crazy glue and duct tape

Step 2: What to Do

first you need to lay out a strip about as long as your wrist maybe longer.

Step 3: Almost Getting There

when you pick up that strip you want to fold it in half hot dog style so that there is not sticky showing.

Step 4: Bottle Cap Time

when you have the base of the bracelet finished you can start gluing them onto the bracelet. i just did a circle of glue on the duct tape for each bottle cap.

Step 5: Almost Finished

all you need yo do is put a little strip at the end so it will atatch around your wrist. put it on your wrist and firmly press that peace of tape onto the other side.

Step 6: Finished

now that you have the braclet all finished you can put it on your wrist and go to school in style. don't forget to vote for me in the converse contest.


HappyHen made it!(author)2010-05-24

I like it :o) It gives me ideas of maybe making one with other stuff glued on to it. How did the Krazy Glue hold up? Did the bottle caps fall off after a while? Thanks for sharing!

geekazoid made it!(author)2009-08-21

good 'ible. May I just add bottle caps are not on the list of materials in step 1... :)

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