I'm a gumball machine junkie. My mom used to give me quarters to use in the machines outside the grocery store when I was a kid. I've had too many rubber cockroaches, sticky handfuls of Sprees, fake mustaches and those jumping-half-balls-you-turn-inside-out-and-wait-for-them-to-pop-things to count. The bane of my quarter-fueled adventures, however, were bracelets. Clearly, to 7 year old boy, a bracelet was a waste of a quarter, compared to a superball or plastic paratrooper, but because that was what the fates had given me, I'd worn them anyway. 
Flash to 20ish years later and lots of spare time, Instuctables taught me about paracord and in a drink of nostalgia I've recreated these simple bracelets and now you can learn how to make them without the gamble of wasting a quarter!

Step 1: Materials

Easy enough. You'll need:
-Paracord, about a foot
-A lighter to melt the ends
<p>The bird's name is Kiwi!!!!!!</p>
Could you, please, provide more photos how t make paracord bracelet?
cool bracelet

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