the Easiest Phone Stand You Can Imagine


Introduction: the Easiest Phone Stand You Can Imagine

About: If you like simple solutions then here you can find some of my crazy ideas.

All you need is a business card

Step 1: Fold a Business Card

about where the lines appear

Step 2: Ready

That's all!

Step 3: See the Evolution

in this video!



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    This is great! Getting to see each model as you refined your invention was such fun. To then see ( and hear! ) your final product was really gratifying. Brilliantly simple, compact, and, of course, so effective!

    1 reply

    Nice idea!
    Saves a bit of cash and is easy to carry.

    Works pretty good with credit cards too.
    And when the credit card finally breaks from being bent back and forth, this project will save even more money!

    1 reply

    Thank you DoxxRoxx, for your funny comment.