The Easy Brake Drum Forge


Introduction: The Easy Brake Drum Forge

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hey if you like this instructable check this out

a brake drum forge is probably the easiest forge to make and cheapest to and as many of you know i'm a fan of cheep so the materials list is

  1. deep well brake drum
  2. mettle dock post with wide round flange
  3. a computer fan ( i suggest a hp compaq barrel fan)
  4. computer psu (you only need it to give the fan a variable power supply, so any variable power supply capable of at least 12 v and a minimum of 5 v will work)
  5. misc. screws or bolts
  6. misc. washers
  7. coal
  8. wood
  9. paper
  10. matches

the tools required are

  1. drill, do not use a hand crank drill dock post mettle is to strong
  2. 1/4 " drill bit
  3. screwdriver/ socket wrench

this is a really easy project and i made it a couple of weeks ago and am just now making the instructable for it

Step 1: Prepare the Post

place the brake drum on top of the dock posts wide brim centered, and mark the bolt holes. next drill out the holes you marked with the 1/4 inch drill bit. the next part is simple about mid way down the post mark the height of your fan and cut the square hole, you can do this a number of ways i used a skill saw that had a metal cutting blade.

Step 2: Place the Components

place, and fasten the fan, you can fasten it in many ways i chose duct tape because i didn't have anything else so yeah, bolt on the brake drum, and the main body is finished.

Step 3: Prepare the Power Supply

you will need the green black orange red and yellow wires, the rest you can cut off but i suggest that you just zip tie them out of the way otherwise they short out and turn the power off. strip the ends of the four wires stated previously, and attach the green one permanently to a ground wire the yellow is high heat the red is medium heat the orange is low heat. plug it in set up the forge start a fire and there you go.



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    Thanks for making that clearer, I see how that could be hard to describe but now I do know what you're talking about.

    1 reply

    thank you i was worried if the drawing would help its slightly difficult to draw

    Sounds like a useful tool for the shop. Could you post some pics of the finished product so I can get a better understanding of what a dock post is?

    2 replies

    oh im soo sorry I kinda spaced taking the pictures ill try to upload them right now

    yeah ill do it once i get home its basically a pipe with a wide brim on the base i've been meaning to update these pictures since i posted it but my cameras are pretty bad.