Step 13: Nothing gets this stain out!

Now, it is time to stain your table (just don't stain your clothes)!

In order to stain your table, you will need a sponge brush, stain, Polyurethane, and something to wipe away the stain with (an old t-shirt works great for this). To stain the table, apply one layer to one side at a time, wiping the excess stain away. The longer you leave the stain on before you wipe it off, the deeper the colour will stain.

After the stain has dried, coat the whole table in several (3-4) coats of the Polyurethane to give the table extra protection and water resistance allowing each coat to dry before applying the next coat.

If you desire the bottom of the table to be a different colour than the colour of your foam board, spray paint to your desired colour. When you do this, make sure you seal off the rest of the table with newspaper and painters tape so you don't mess up the awesome stain you just let finish dry!