Picture of The easy to make a portal gun
i have always wanted to make the really cool and detailed projects, unknowing that they require advanced techniques,advanced tools, or lots of money.

in this instructable i will be showing you a step by step tutorial on how to make a portal gun.  

Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
the materials you will need are:

- blue wall mart camping pad.
- black spray paint.
- white brush paint.[not shown]
- a toy light saber  (the better quality saber the cooler the gun).
- a hot glue gun and hot glue  (i advise 2 bags of hot glue because you never want to run out of hot glue).
- a cutting utensil  (i used a broken scissor).[not shown]
- a sodding iron
- a picture of the portal gun.[not shown]
- and any other kind of junk u think you can use.  
sonicgreg4 years ago
I know that you probably did put alot of work into this, and I'm happy if it suits you and you're proud of it, but I don't think that this is of enough quality to post on a site that already has an instructable that looks spot on to the actual gun.
mushroomdude (author)  sonicgreg4 years ago
thank you for letting me down gently, i did infact know that there was an instructbal on this allready but i have little money and i dont have a job, thats why its called what it is called
Dude you did awesome sonicgreg failed to realize that is was on a cheap budget and you couldn't make it on the spot, I think you did great.
mushroomdude (author)  Atlas Portal 23 years ago
Not everyone wants to make a spot on replica. This is the best *cheap* portal gun tutorial. If you want to make a portal gun for a costume party that may last a couple hours, its not worth it to sink a ton of money and time into a crazy realistic replica. This is what I needed, not one of the other tutorials. Thanks mushroomdude!
mushroomdude (author)  perchik3 years ago
thank you
What did you use to make the claws?
It looks like K'nex painted black.
mushroomdude (author)  spazgadget3 years ago
spot on my friend
i agree besides the fact that i would steal this from you given the chance
Great job, but what video game is this gun from?
mushroomdude (author)  Kaptain Kool4 years ago
this gun is from the game portal and portal 2
Misac-kun4 years ago
Not bad. you are probaly winning the second prize
mushroomdude (author)  Misac-kun4 years ago
thank you i worked pretty hard