Step 4: Goatee, Mask-like Effects

(Hopefully, your face looks better than mine and you didn't do this is ten minutes.)
Use the sepia eyeliner to outline your facial creases. I just looked at the cover of the book to resemble a bit more.
Then use black eyeliner to ... line your eyes... 
I added some smeared black to the sides of my nose, mostly because it's quite large, in order to slim it down.

Sweet! So easy!
Well, this is a little creepy, especially if you are a lady...even creepier if you are a 90 yr old lady. Make sure to enter the Halloween contests when they start up later in the year, the only ones that allow pre-published ibles from throughout the year.
I take "creepy" as a compliment. :) Will do 'caitlinsdad'. :D
*"in" instead of "is" :(

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