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 Ok, there are lots of ways to get videos from web browsers. It seems that Google Chrome is weak in allowing this to happen. There are a few people that have made add-ins for capturing videos from YouTube and a few other select websites, but they fail to work on most other sites. I wanted to find a way to capture ANY video from ANY website. That is what I did.

One quick note, this may not be the best/easiest way to get it, but it is very easy once set up, so I stopped looking for better ways to do it. Maybe one day I’ll find a better way. If I do, I’ll be sure to post it here.

For those that may ask about the video in the photo, it’s “dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip.” If you never heard him, check him out. He is one of the most intelligent artists out there. This song, “Get Better” is IMO, the best piece of advice you could give any child growing up. Other titles of his to check out are “A Letter from God” and “Thou Shall Always Kill.” He is amazing!

Why is it so hard to get these videos?

OK, everyone that knows how browsers work, knows that if you view a video on your computer, that video file exists on your computer. So all you need to do is find the file, and there you have it. But why Google Chrome makes it so hard? They “lock” the video files so you can’t copy or move them once loaded on your computer. Then, once you navigate away from that page, Chrome deletes the files. HOW DARE THEM! 8>)

So, what we are going to do here is to use a small (and REALLY simple) batch file to ‘flash’ copy the directory. Then we can manipulate the files at our leisure. Very easy.
SunR3 months ago

Any Media Downloader a simple way to download most of web videos

lendelbogdan3 months ago

How to download Wistia Video - Solved (NO SOFTWARE NEEDED)


metalfan4evr10 months ago

If Scroobius Pip is so bright why did he date Kat Von D?

osterac1 year ago

I don't see why Hodocopy is necessary. Try this.

For Chrome (batch file like before):


cd %systemdrive%


md "browser video temp"

cd %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\

xcopy cache "%systemdrive%\browser video temp\" /h /r /k /e



For Internet Explorer:


cd %systemdrive%


md "browser video temp"

cd %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\

xcopy INetCache "%systemdrive%\browser video temp\" /h /r /k /e



the xcopy command is built into windows (and DOS for that matter). You don't need to enter your username with this method.


mcarrell1 year ago

This is unworkable! The link to HoboCopy is no good. Finding an alternate way to get the program online (the author is Craig Andera) shows this program isn't Windows 8 compatible. Windows 8 users, move on, this is not your solution.

softsmith1 year ago
Thanks for the article, I really enjoyed it. I found an even easier way to get items out of the cache see http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/chrome_cache_view.html
Simply start the program, find the item you want in the list and press F4, and select where you want to save the file
I have used nirsoft programs for years, and they are some of the most useful utilities I have fouind
I could never get anything to work correctly in chrome. I use Chrome for all of my web browsing, then open up Firefox if I want to download a video. Video Download Helper has worked flawlessly for me for 99% of the videos I've found:
zigzagchris2 years ago
Came here to say good choice of Scroobius Pip!
donalddon52 years ago
ChromeCacheView works for me.
I tried coping a youtube video with NO success. The first thing that I noticed is the *.TMP file name is different than FLA**.TMP posted so Win 7 may be a little different. hobocopy appears to be coping the file. The disk space changes with every iteration of execution of the program. Checked for hidden files but didn't find anything.
inchman (author)  berkeleycowboy3 years ago
Sounds like it is copying, but just to a place that we can't track. Hum, like me do some research on this tomorrow. I'll see what I can find out.
I was unable to to copy the video file to the temp folder.

Let me know if there could be something preventing this

Thanks in advance.

inchman (author)  berkeleycowboy3 years ago
What error did you get and when? What OS are you using?
OS is Windows 7 32 bit. Not receiving any errors.

The following command have been tried:

c:\hobocopy\hobocopy.exe fla90eb.tmp c:\temp2


c:\hobocopy\hobocopy.exe \temp c:\temp2 fla90eb.tmp


c:\hobocopy\hobocopy.exe \temp c:\temp2

The file is never copied into the temp2 folder.
inchman (author)  berkeleycowboy3 years ago
Sorry that my answer is a bit of a cop out, but I don't have any system that I can test Win 7 on. Maybe other users here can help, but I don't know what to tell you.

Can we try reverse engineering the problem. Are you about to copy the following video:


inchman (author)  berkeleycowboy3 years ago
sure we can try. But first, try to copy a file from youtube. Actually, try two or three different videos to see if you can get any of them.
DopePhizh3 years ago
A few suggestions and tips.
First off, on Win7 and Vista the temp folder is a little harder to find. Easiest way i know is to go to CMD and type [echo %temp%] and it should tell you the destination of your temp folder.
Second thing is that i can't understand that you want HoboCopy in your /local folder. Why not simply put it in C:\***** and change the .bat file accordingly:
C:\*****\hobocopy temp\ c:\temp2
I personally don't want a lot of junk in my appdate\local\ directory.
And final. Why rename the file to .avi when it's not avi format. Instead rename it to .vlc or something appropriate like .avideofrommytempfolder :p. Then just open the file and when it ask you what to open it with select an appropriate media player.
Stargater5 years ago
Does it work with videos from the BBC news site? I would really appreciate if  someone can answer my question.
inchman (author)  Stargater5 years ago
 I'm trying to test it, but I have a very flaking connection to the Internet (I'm currently stationed in Afghanistan.)

It will work for all videos, except flash videos. 
leftward5 years ago
That's quite good!
But I have my way:
I use a software called video sharer
I think it's more convenient for me!
EMleroux5 years ago
 It's like you heard my cry for help. Thanks for sharing. - You rock!
inchman (author)  EMleroux5 years ago
 Thanks.  I knew others were having the same frustrations with this.   I don't know why Google didn't make this a feature built into their browser.  It would have been a real selling point.
sjs2295 years ago
 great !!!!