Step 4: Almost there

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 Now, create a shortcut on your desktop for the batch file. Then enjoy.

Here how it will work. Once you download a video (make sure you have downloaded the entire video), leave the webpage open and double click on your shortcut. You’ll get a command prompt box explaining what is going on. Don’t worry, depending on the size of the video, and how many you have loaded (you can load 20 or 30 tabs, all with videos then just run this at the end) it may take some time.

Once completed, the command prompt box will close on its own. Go into your c:/temp2 directory. You will see a bunch of files. None are videos, right? Wrong. They are hidden there as “FLA**.tmp” You can sort by size as the videos will be the biggest files in the directory normally.

Now, simply rename that (or those) files to “****.avi” and you can play them, move them, or whatever. You can also delete all the other files in the directory.
Note-If you don’t have VLC player, you might have problems with playback on these files. Please, go here, and download VLC player. It’s free and is the best video player available! http://videolan.org/

I tried coping a youtube video with NO success. The first thing that I noticed is the *.TMP file name is different than FLA**.TMP posted so Win 7 may be a little different. hobocopy appears to be coping the file. The disk space changes with every iteration of execution of the program. Checked for hidden files but didn't find anything.
inchman (author)  berkeleycowboy3 years ago
Sounds like it is copying, but just to a place that we can't track. Hum, like me do some research on this tomorrow. I'll see what I can find out.
I was unable to to copy the video file to the temp folder.

Let me know if there could be something preventing this

Thanks in advance.

inchman (author)  berkeleycowboy3 years ago
What error did you get and when? What OS are you using?
OS is Windows 7 32 bit. Not receiving any errors.

The following command have been tried:

c:\hobocopy\hobocopy.exe fla90eb.tmp c:\temp2


c:\hobocopy\hobocopy.exe \temp c:\temp2 fla90eb.tmp


c:\hobocopy\hobocopy.exe \temp c:\temp2

The file is never copied into the temp2 folder.
inchman (author)  berkeleycowboy3 years ago
Sorry that my answer is a bit of a cop out, but I don't have any system that I can test Win 7 on. Maybe other users here can help, but I don't know what to tell you.

Can we try reverse engineering the problem. Are you about to copy the following video:


inchman (author)  berkeleycowboy3 years ago
sure we can try. But first, try to copy a file from youtube. Actually, try two or three different videos to see if you can get any of them.