This is my first Inscrutable, and it's on how to add some RGB (Red Green Blue) light strips and a controller to your car, or anything. I put mine under my dash, however you can put them anywhere you like, that's the beauty of it !

*Beware ! there are 2 type's of LED strips, Common Anode and Common Cathode, Anode mean's that all the LED's have a common positive, and Cathode mean's they all have a common negative. This only matter's when selecting/building a RGB controller. 

What you need
- 12v LED RGB light strip's (they can be waterproof or not)
- RGB Controller (optional)
- Switch (optional)
- Soldering Iron, solder, and heat-shrink
- Wire (the draw is very little but I would recommend about 18 AWG stranded nothing thicker)
- Epoxy/Hot Glue
- Multimeter
- Basic tool's, wire cutter's, strippers, screw driver's (some car's take special security bits), zip ties, tape, dremel.
* This stuff is great, you can put it in anything from your Christmas tree, RV (replace you light's !), Computer, Motorcycle,  even you for a costume !

Step 1: Experiment !

     This is most fun ! Unwrap all the goodies that you just ordered online (probably Ebay or Amazon), and your wife/girlfriend/parents just complained about you wasting money on. Grab a battery or 12v power supply, tools, soldering iron, wire, RGB controller and Lights ! This is where you see what contacts are which, depending on what type of lights you bought it may be common anode (positive) or common cathode (negative), mean's if you have 1 positive and 3 negative or vise-versa. Test your soldering skills, and play with everything to make sure it all works, before you go ripping something apart. 
<p>I do something similar with classic bulbs on 12V in my car for backseats. Bulbs have one advantage - can fading or dimming. Anyway, it is very usefull for travelers. Bulbs are orange colour, mounted below front seats and connected parallel to cabine light.</p>
<p>hi,</p><p>im working on a another project but it is similar only i want that i can still use al the colors of my rgb led strip. So i can ir remote the color and it will jump with it on the music. Until know not mutch succes. Im just useing transistor's, driver and adapter, and a +12V 3A remote then (adapter the same specs) the strip is 4m long, and 4 wire's (afcorse) and if i possibly can then i want to have a switch between so i can turn it off - flashing on sound - normal on </p><p>I hope to hear from you!</p>
<p>I think there are some sound controlled box's available, there are also some computer controlled units with some nice software. Also Adafruit sells a strip that is digitally controlled , which is more expensive but gives very precise control over each segment.</p>
Thanks man! I never heard of it, so there are new options now !
<p>I'm planning to undertake the same type of project - wiring RGB strips inside a vehicle for underdash lighting. I had planned to use the same RGB controller and I want to power it from the dome light fuse so that when the doors open, the LED's will come on, as you have done. It looks like the RGB controller is pulse width modulated (PWM). In this car the dome lights fade out which could cause funny things to happen with the controller. I'm curious if your car light fades as well and if so whether the fading messes up the controller in any way. Any thoughts you might have on this would be appreciated.</p>
Hello, all of the LED's are in the same circuit, this means you turn on of the colors on, all of that color come on. Each LED actually is 3 LED's one red, one blue, one green, and is able to be cut in 3&quot; segments where marked. You can however get some fancy controller's that can make it appear each LED is operating independently and some have even made programmable display sign's. Good question though !
can each led turn red, green, b or any color? Or does it have separate rgb lights?

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