In step 1 ive listed a small description of my thought processes which have helped me create the five versions of my spitball cannons. In this instructible i will only include plans for versions 1, 4, and 5.

In this instructible, I will give the instructions as clearly as i can however, i am making this instructible after having completed all of the cannons, so the pictures will Not include the cannons under construction. However, i feel that the designs are pretty self explanatory when you get a good look at the finished product.

Always be careful when firing these cannons! They work though internal combustion processes of flamable gasses caused by electric shock discharge. Be afraid. But above all, just be responsible. Dont shoot at people, animals, or priceless vases.

Step 1: History of Cannons

Since i was young i have been interested in potatoe cannons and such, and i always knew i wanted to be an engineer.

I started out experimenting with different ignition sources like tazers, camera flash shocks, and grill ignitors to ignite various fuels inside my various size cannons. The biggest of which had a 2" diameter barrel and was 5' tall. It shot completely over a nearby cornfield.

Then it occurred to me that I was continually trying to build one bigger and bigger and better. So I decided to try and design one out of the smallest parts. So Spitball Cannon version 1 (SC1) came along. It was so much fun blasting the little thing at friends (dont do it though) I continued to try to improve it for efficiency, hand comfort, effectiveness, cool looks, and safety.

I also tried to accomplish the same task (shooting a spitball) by other means. SC2 was made to shoot from pressurized air. Originally I intended to fit it into a large magic marker to conceal it, but it ended up being too big, too ineffective, and it didnt make a cool blast!

SC3 was made to fit the hand better, store ammo in it, use a tube to inject fuel into it, and look better, but the combustion chamber was too small to work reliably. So i combined concepts from SC1 and SC3 to create SC4. At this point i thought that this design could not be improved very much more, (at least not cheaply or easily). SO it sat for a year......

One day i happened to pick it up and play with it for a while on the same day i chose to spray paint some furniture. After having the gun fresh in my mind, i picked up a spray can spraying tool handle and PING, the lightbulb lit up in my head. Thus the creation of SC5, the "big shot".

Moral of the story is that there is always another way of doing the same thing. It just took time, setting down the project and coming back later. Research is also important to help guide you on your way; why not learn from other's mistakes and build off their success (just remember to Aways give credit where its due).
hey i was just wondering if u could leave all those barrels exposed and fill them with airsoft bb's for a grendae pistol? if so email me at&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br /> <br /> hobit1911@gmail.com<br />
i am currently working on an imporved design for this using PVC pipe, a check valve, and a fan.&nbsp; It will shoot and load even faster!&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; But yea, you could totally rig this baby with a few barrels, i'd suggest 4, and wrap bb's in toilet paper and seat them in the barrels snugly.&nbsp;&nbsp; But with experimentation with barrel length and number of barrels variation you could potentially have a little one-time-blast shotgun-like cannon for airsoft.&nbsp;&nbsp; good idea, muhuhahahaha!<br /> <br /> i'd email ya, but im wasting my study time as it is!
wow if you just have the handle ,the lighter and the canister you have a flame thrower :)<br />
the simplest is a piece of thick straw and you put ammo in one end and blow on that end. The trick is cover the straw with your tongue and build up pressure in ur mouth. Try to release it all at once to get max power. I attached two straws together and the ammo jammed in the second barrel and the whole 2nd barrel flew out like a missile bcoz of the pressure.
Cool design, but to make it better I suggest you add a much longer barrel. Will also increase accuracy a bit.
I ahve had that idea for a flamethrower. Put a sparker and WD40 for flamethrower fuel.
i did that i wired a grill igniter to wd40 can so when you sprayed wd40 flames came flying out
What have you done Dr.Frankenstien?
Great invention, I'm trying to recreate it.... Could someone put this in terms that a mildly stupid fourteen-year-old could understand?
do you mean you want better instructions or better explanation of how it works? On step 3, "spitball cannon 4" , it gives instructions for a simple one that works better than the ones on this page.
EMAIL jailbird_synch@yahoo.com
psssshhhhhhhhhhhttttt click click click click BOOM splat!

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