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This is the same truck as the, The Annihiliator off road edition but with some modifications to it. This truck has a 4" to 5" lift kit on it, and i have modified the bull bar were i could put lights on it, The engine is a 468ci V8, and a 6 seepd stick transmission, i also made the front of the truck look like a jeep a little bit. I am giving credits to beanieostrich because he gave me a idle for the engine. I hoped you guy enjoyed it as i did. :)


Doc Penguin (author)2014-10-12

P.S. extreme is spelled with an e on the end

Doc Penguin (author)2014-10-12

cant really see anything in thy pics

beanieostrich (author)2011-04-16

Once again, EPIC truck XD You never fail to impress me =D

lol hehehe thank you this one is i do have to say is on of my beast, and this is why i want to become a drafting or being an archetect desinging things like this. =)

That truck would have more power if it had a 468ci V8, and it would go faster if it had a 6spd stick transmission XD

i diden't think of that before but good idle.

you do no that there is no 468 motor right

Yes there was, it was in 1970's Novas and Monte Carlos.

its a stroker motor its not a stock ci, i have a 460 in my f250 and i have never heard of a 468

468 was a GM motor only.

ya i know now and i don't care ok

You should try it.

you should see my ridler 1954 chevy show truck. i will post soon


~KGB~ (author)2011-04-16

nice one

rockclimber15 (author)~KGB~2011-04-16

thank you.

~KGB~ (author)rockclimber152011-04-16


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