Hello, my name is Moritz Böker and I am a German maker. I want to share my latest project with you: The maybe first self made and published convertible tablet in the internet!
A convertible tablet is a sort of notebooks, that you can turn or twist into a tablet pc.
You either can use it as an ordinary notebook or as a tablet.
There are many ways to do this mechanically. The Lenovo Thinkpad X230t, for example, allows to turn the display by 180° and shut it down to use it as a tablet.


The display of the Lenovo Ideapad “Yoga” can be turned by 360° to the other side.


And Dell uses a system, where two separate hinges inside the frame of the display can be twisted, like the former black boards in school. Another type of convertible tablets is a slider notebook, that was is build by MSI, ASUS, Toshiba and Sony.


Possible would be, to have a notebook with to LCD-screens on each side of the display.

I was interested in building a tablet out of an discarded notebook. There are some Instructables in the web, where makers build their own tablet, but the results are often poor and weak and rarely comparable to consumer tablets.

So when an acquaintance of me gave me a HP 6735s for my own purpose, I decided to turn it into a convertible tablet and publish it here on Instructables.com.

Step 1: Take Apart

I build my convertible tablet based on the mechanical operating mode of the Lenovo "Ideapad" Yoga.

The first step is to dissassemly the notebook that should become a convertible tablet. You only have to divide the display from the base of the notebook and disassemble the display. Be careful with the display, it's fragile LCD-panel and sensitive LCD-cable.
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<p>you could add a touchscreen panel over the original screen...</p>
<p>Epic, you're using Ubuntu... Which version is that? I think it is 12.04 or 12.10...</p>
Great job. Let me know if you ever get touchscreen working!
This is a terrible idea... No affiance but, my friend had his laptop stood on and the whole laptop was distorted... So a table is not a very good Idea because you could crack or break the PC
Why would you stand on this? You can't say something is a bad idea because your friend doesn't know how to look after his stuff. Proper operation of this device shouldn't be any risk to the laptop/tablet at all, seems obvious that standing on it will break it so would be outside normal operations. Problem in your scenario is the user not the device, you don't leave breakable stuff where someone can stand on it . &nbsp;Either your mate left it on the floor or some genius was walking on a table either way not down to the device.<br> <br> If you think you might crack it during normal operations it's unlikely. It's kind of like saying you shouldn't type on a laptop keyboard because you could crack it. If you put enough pressure on a touchscreen to crack the laptop part your definitely doing it wrong. You would damage the LCD screen long before you damaged the components inside the laptop housing. As long as its used properly and you don't do something incredibly stupid like leave it on the floor it should be fine.
I let it be your opinion.
you did a pretty good job on this , <br>this is something I will have to try myself , <br>keep up the good work
Would this be possible to do with, for example, a Asus eeepc 1005HA making the same modifications and applying a touchscreen to it?
Hello inblack, <br>you have to bring with you a lot of improvisation talent and some tools and stuff laying around. Just try out. If it fails, you are richer in experiences than before. <br>Moritzb

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