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In a truly sad, and yet somehow hilarious, misadventure my boss lost the top portion of his thumb to the hungry jaws of a steel-framed glass door. You would be right to feel bad for this unfortunate occurrence, but do bear in mind that he has an extensive collection of photos that begin shortly after the incident all the way up stitching and wrapping, as well as many, many "after" pics.

If you have seen any of my other instructables, you are probably well aware that I like pirates. A simple fact, yet a true one.

Anyway, upon loss of digit the first idea I had was to create a thumb-sized hook prosthetic. Probably not as useful a a hook hand, the hook thumb was a huge hit among the Dr.'s where my boss was getting his new nub checked out.

Pretty simple, but here we go..

Step 1: Materials and tools.

So I still have many of the materials I used for my Airship Goggles, and figured they would be perfect for this.

piece of reclaimed leather
waxed sinew thread
small brass hook (screw in)
small brass washer (decorative)
small piece of found wood
little buckle from an old shoe

curved needle
Ken's Halloween costume, lol
I&nbsp;like it. It's a good combination of cute and badass. Kinda Japanese. <br />
Bad Images. Take it outside or in a bright room with flash off.
thanks, I'm glad you liked it.
Was that good or bad?... didnt mean it in a bad way. just needs more/better images.
I figured you must have liked it since you wanted too see better images of it. Which there will be, I just have to get some new images of the first one I finished.
I think its awesome :D it could get featured if it has better images.
Arrr. That be a fine bit 'o falsified phylangial fixing and fakery.
Might want to add a few pictures to the end of the instructable. Might be featurable. :D
thanks, I'm working on getting better photos of everything. I had used an old camera, and just wanted to get it up here before I forgot.
That's funny
That's a great idea!
Every once and a while I have a moment of genius. Don't know if this is one, but I like it.

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