The Forgotten Theekoek (an Eyebrow Raising Cookie)





Introduction: The Forgotten Theekoek (an Eyebrow Raising Cookie)

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(literally translated: tea cookie)
Many Belgians don't know this cookie. I searched for some background on this, but couldn't find that much (anyone who knows more: feel free to comment). Couldn't discover any roots (maybe it isn't Belgian at all?), finding the recipe online was hard. Some bakeries here in Belgium sell the theekoek, but it doesn't seem very popular (maybe because they ruin it by adding a giant layer of frosting).
It's a wonderful cookie, always raises some eyebrows!

(first instructable, tell me if anything isn't clear!)

Step 1: Ingredients

For the almond crème:
(WARNING: I messed up calculating the ingredients for the almond cream
and doubled them, don't use the pic as a reference)
125g butter
125g sugar
125 almond powder
2 eggs
60g flour

For the butter dough:
250g butter
125g sugar
2,5g salt
1 egg
400g flour

Step 2: Mix.

Almond crème:
First mix butter and sugar,
add almond,
then eggs (not all at once),
and at last the flour

Butter dough:
Start with butter, sugar and salt.
then add the eggs,
end with the flour

Step 3: Prepare

- spread the butter dough in a 4mm layer and use a ring to shape the dough, diameter 10 cm approx
- add the almond crème with a teaspoon

Step 4: In the Oven...

-180°C or 356°F
- 20 minutes

afterwards you can add a real thin layer of 'frosting': mix some sugar with water and spread it over the cookies (don't make them too wet). It makes the cookie just perfect.

Enjoy the forgotten cookie! (and share a pic with us)

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    I think this is the same as a "gevulde koek" (dutch)

    Thee koek or koekjes is actually Dutch . They are cookies or cakes that are served with coffee or tea in the afternoon. Can be any kind of cookie

    These are very much like almond tart-lets but baked without tart-let molds ,looks yummy good job

    These look yummy! I'm trying to figure out the texture, is it like a muffin or pancake? Or more like a cookie or a doughnut! Either way, I've never heard of the forgotten cookie before, and now I know! Thanks!

    It's difficult to explain how they feel in your mouth, the texture of the almond cream on top is rather soft and he butter doug is rather crunchy... you'll have to try it to know ;)

    they look delicious. I will make them for sure!

    Flower ... you mean "flour", isn't it? I ask becouse in old-fashon italian the most refined flour was called "flower flour" :)

    Thanks for noticing, I'll immediatly fix it!

    Out of curiosity, I checked my copy of The Jewish Cook Book by Mildred Grosberg Bellin, and the closest cookie recipe I can find is for something called "Dutch Stuffed Monkies" which is cookie dough pressed into a shallow pan, followed by a layer of almond and citrus butter dough, and another layer of cookie dough. Once baked, it's cut into squares similar to this. I guess it might have several names and iterations which would make it difficult to track down.

    Regardless, I love almond cookies, and these look amazing! :D