The Free Energy Prototype





Introduction: The Free Energy Prototype

This prototype is based on a hydrogen fuel cell (dry cell) which runs off a average car battery and produces enough gas to run a 5.5 hp AC generator which produces 220v, 2.2kw of electricity, so the theory is that you start the hydrogen fuel cell using an external battery once the fuel cell produces gas, the gas is pumped into the carburetor of the generator and the generator is the started charging the battery whilst producing a steady 220v.

Step 1: Building the Fuel Cell

There are many tutorials on building a fuel cell and are relatively easy to build with some know how.

Step 2: Bubblers and Piping

The purpose of a bubbler is to filter out and impurities out of the gas preventing dirty carburetors and sout build up in pipes, view diagram above

Step 3: The Generator

It is quite easy to add the generator but make sure to get one with an alternator installed ( otherwise you battery will not last very long and defeats to whole purpose ) to run it on gas simply make a hole in the air filter and remove all the foam inside.

you may need to adjust the timing of the engine to get it running smoothly.

Step 4: Operation and "making" Electricity

1. turn on your fuel cell

2. start you generator using the hydrogen

3. make electricity !

I hope you have fun and good luck !!!



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    Well anyone looking for atual free energy I have a load of concepts that will work I just don't have magnets

    1 reply

    You can't create free energy from just magnets.

    You might be correct if things worked in the "conventional" manner, but since much of physics is incorrect, and there's no such thing as a closed system, instead of "debunking" this, build it and find out for yourself.

    to be honest i dont think you know what you are talking about as i have tested it with the generator and stripped the engine it showed no signs of damage after running for 5 hours

    2 replies

    Can you post a video of it running and/or pictures of it all hooked up? I'd love to see.


    Did this test specifically in college. What happens to engine performance when water is added to the fuel mix. What happens is educational. Performance goes up. Significantly. To a point, then starts going down. Sounds great right? Better mileage by adding water to your gas, propane, or methane. So we all concluded.

    The professor was just waiting for us. Hence the home work assignment. How does reliability and maintenance change when water is added to your fuel? Badly. Very badly. Ask your mechanic. And the lifespan of pistons is measured in hundreds of hours. Five isn't even a running in of the engine.


    This is not a fuel cell. It is an electrolysis cell. And a dangerous one at that. Mixed Hydrogen and Oxygen? Asking for an explosion. ( less than 100% efficient already)

    A your bubbler adds water to the mix. This will pit your piston heads. Combustion engine? About 25% efficient running at top performance. Usually less.

    Please do the math before you start the build.

    It would be great to see a video of this working, if you have done it! It's a neat idea but I think there might be some practical issues you haven't mentioned.....

    1 reply

    At this stage i have only built the fuel cell and have tested it with a generator but with an external battery and not running off the power the generator produces