Hammerhead S556646


Introduction: Hammerhead S556646

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How to make the greatest paper airplane, S556646.

You need:

Paper clip

Now let start to do it.

Step 1: 1st Part.

Get a sheet of A4 paper and then fold it in half, then fold it in another half, then fold it in another half, then open it up till A4 size.

Step 2: 2nd Part.

Fold the line from mid tip to side and the tip is by the right right crease and left left crease, then turn over, now, fold the mid tip to right crease and turn over, now, fold the mid tip to side then turn over, now, fold it upward and, make sure that the mid tip is leveled with the folded side top end now, turn over, now, fold it in mid to side and turn over, now, open up the hole and press it down and fold the flappy bit over.

Step 3: Final Part.

Fold it in half, then fold it in side bottom half and the end tip by the bottom end side and then fold the crease 1 right and 1 left crease then the 2 right and 2 left crease and your finished!  

Step 4: Finished!

Now have a flight or go to the option.

Step 5: Optional: Rulur

Rulur sharpens your plane balance.

Step 6: Optional: Paper Clip

Paper clip increase your speed, acceleration and balance.



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    toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo compliumacated

    good idea bad plane SORRY

    the photos aren't clear. I couldn't make the plane. :(


    Comment about this paper airplane now!

    5 replies

    You see that big white thing in the background, it's a window I think?
    Move  the 'plane closer to it, and pull the fabric back. Stand with your back to the window and to one side - see what difference it makes to photographs.



    But how I can do it on Logitect webcam?

    Ah, right, that's a pain.
    Some of these look rather dim, have you some bright lights you might use to show us this better?



    I did do it, but we'll try it on the next instrutable.


    I could but i'll try.