Step 3: Additional Tips and Hiking Gear

Picture of Additional Tips and Hiking Gear
Heres some tips I've found useful....

Always go hiking and caching with a buddy, that way if you fall off a cliff someone can have a good bar story for later.

Many caches are off trail so be aware of your surrounds, Bug-spray rarely stops a bears from clawing your buddy's face.

Bring water bottles and DON'T DRINK FROM STREAMS, animal's poop in those.

Inevitable your GPS will lose signal every now and then from overhead tree's and rock's but eventually it should clear up and most caches are located in clear sky locations.

The Final 30 feet is the hardest, most likely your GPS will bounce, so put the gps down and start circling the area looking for good hiding spots, and WATCH FOR WHAT YOU POKE, don't go sticking your head in a hole if it doesn't look safe.

OK, so you found the cache right now what?

Usually if you have kids they like to exchange Macdonald's toys with the other ones other kids left behind,

For the rest of us that aren't amused with an Indiana Jone's windup, usually adults leave behind geocoins, which can be tracked online and then placed within another cache.

I can't stress this enough though, If you take something PLEASE leave something!

Also, if you'd like to leave comments to the cache owner they usually appreciate that and it's nice to know the condition of a cache and what people have been leaving in it.