Picture of The ideas printer
The purpose of this instructable is to build an "ideas printer". I transformed an old broken HP deskjet 400 in both a container and a workplace to solder, glue, cut and build my projects.
I want also to hide tools when not used.


Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
- old printer
- hot glue
- screwdriver
- soap
- multimeter
- solder
- tools you want to store in the printer
- breadboard
- copper wires
zack2475 years ago
now all i need is a printer... (glances at his brand new lexmark x2650)
agis68 zack2474 years ago
i have 6 old jetprinters....i can send u one...:)
derte84 (author)  zack2475 years ago
 a lot of people keep the old ones unused in boxes.Try asking to friends
zack247 derte844 years ago
hey i found the printer in the storage room! hp deskjet 350 (i think) blue, small, and it has a removable paper tray. i think i might add a 5v and 12v power supply using a 22v adapter.
zack247 derte845 years ago
i think i have one in the storage room somewhere. one thing you could do is use a cold cathode light from a scanner as a worklight, and mount it just behind the front of the printer's casing
derte84 (author)  zack2475 years ago
i'll definitely do it when I destroy my old scanner for building a CNC thing :)

Do you know how many volts need these lights?
I have one that needs 15v@1.5a, they don't document the requirements, so i recommend using a adjustable regulator circuit to test the inverter.
yeah. i tried testing my inverter by hooking it up to a regular psu, little did i know it was malfunctioning and the inverter started smoking. then, as i was putting it away, one of the wires broke off of the cathode tube
renewilson5 years ago
I think that the same can be done with the printer's toner cartridges. It would act like a small portable tool storage place. But am i no t sure that will be good or niot as i have never worked on it
scratchr5 years ago
great idea!
derte84 (author)  scratchr5 years ago
thanks :)
Misac-kun5 years ago
pretty usefull, i will do one for me when i find an old printer in the junkyard