The Illuminated LED Man (or the Joule Thief Man)





Introduction: The Illuminated LED Man (or the Joule Thief Man)

This is a guy built out of resistors and a LED that can light up using the Joule Thief circuit (The big one is meant, the small one is exactly the same like brunoip's)

A special thanks goes to 1up for the Joule Thief circuit from his instructable "Make a Joule Thief" and brunoip with his slideshow "The led guy" that brought me to the idea to make a glowing LED man.

I don't know why, but the photos appear in poor quality here, although I uploaded them in quite good quality. If someone knows the reason and how to solve the quality problem, please leave a comment.
If you can't read the speech balloons, here's a link to a better image of the whole comic:

Have a look on its big brother too!



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very creative....

Wow very nice indeed.

I like it

very very nice


Thanks for the instructable! I made one this evening, though not as refined as yours. I'm going to make two more and mount them next to each other. I'll post a photo on here when it's done!

Actually this is only a slideshow, but if you made it to create one, though, i would be really interested in the pictures of your one. :)

True true. Though your pictures were more than helpful.

I'm going to make a pair, each with a different colored head, once I get some 1 MEG resistors. I used a random diode for the middle body part and was not happy with how it turned out.

That being said, I shall most certainly post some photos once I make them over the Holiday break. They might make a nice gift for someone, or a nice addition to