Step 10: Setting the magnets in place

Picture of Setting the magnets in place
2013-02-03 16.22.16.jpg
In this step we are setting the magnet in the holes we made. I used superglue to hold them in place.

To get them all the way down i the hole, without using my fingertips (nasty superglue..) i used the backend of a 6mm drill. This enabled me to set them perfectly flush to the surface. 

Here's a little hint......
KEEP TRACK OF POLARITY!! this is very very important! The way i did that was to have all magnets in one line, and then picking them as i needed them. It is a little hard to explain, but easy to understand why it is important, so find whatever way that is easiest for you. 

(Wait with the 4 magnets that are going to sit in the middle layers, facing their upper or lower counterpart until after the next 2 steps)