Step 11: Pictures

Picture of Pictures
2013-02-03 17.58.09.jpg
2013-02-03 17.58.17.jpg
Now it's time to decide which pictures you want to have in the locket, if you haven't already done that. I picked my girlfriends favorite picture of me, and my favorite picture of us together. I would advise to pick some meaningful pictures. This project, given the amount of time and effort you put in it, is worth it, and deserves it. 

Printing them was for me difficult. I had a lot of difficulties getting them out in the right size (18mm diameter), and ended up just printing one, measure it, adjust, print, adjust, print and so on. The final images are printed on photo paper, to get the best quality possible. 

When printed, cut them out and glue them on the pin. I used superglue again here. Make sure you angle them right, so they aren't off when you view then in the finished locket.