Step 12: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
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Now for the exciting part.
It can be tricky to assemble the pieces, because if you get it wrong, it might not be able to turn around. I had to be especially careful since my pin is made of silver. If something gets stuck, it might very easily bend the pin and the whole thing is ruined.

The 4 middle pieces, 1.2 1.3 2.2 and 2.3 are going to sandwich the pin, so those have to be glued. I decided to glue piece 1.4 to 1.3 also, to avoid the possibility of viewing the wrong photo. The pieces 1.1, 2.1 and 2.4 may absolutely not be glued to anything! They are the parts that are going to swivel to reveal the pictures. Also remember to put the pin in! That would really suck to forget :)
Before gluing them together, I treated the wood with mineral spirits and linseed oil with a swab, but only on the sides that are not going to be glued later! This is just a first-treatment, because some areas might be difficult to reach later, and you have to be careful treating it when the pictures are in. I used a 1:1 mixture approximately, the linseed oil makes it look neat, and the mineral spirits allows it to be absorbed better in the wood. You are going to finish the locket with sandpaper later, so this is not a final treatment.
When gluing it, I used a swab to spread a thin layer of waterbased woodglue on the sides that were going to be glued. Apply glue to both sides, but keep in mind that it will flow a little when pressed together, so make it a nice thin layer. I put the axle in to match alignment, but took it out when the layers were set away to cure. When the pin is in and the sides glued, check that it can spin as you want it to, and that it is aligned properly, before setting it away under pressure for at least a few hours.

When the 5 slides that are glued together are done, it is time to insert the axle and the sleeves. This was a tricky part as well, because you don't want to glue it all together so it cant open. My way to do this was to spread a layer of superglue inside a sleeve, and gluing it on one end of the axle. When completely dry, i inserted it in the 4 layers. Then i put a drop of glue in the other side of the stack, where the axle is sticking out, and put the sleeve in place. This fixes the whole thing in one side, but it is still able to turn, because the other sleeve is only fixed to the axle. It's tricky, so be careful.