Step 2: Tools and materials

For this project, my most used tool was my dremel multitool. It can probably be made without one, but i am quite sure that it will be a very very long process. Additionally i have used 
- Bandsaw (not essential, but faster)
- Rotary sander (anything that can remove material at a 90 degree angle)
- Drill press (You need to be able to make fairly accurate holes)
- Stuff for silver soldering (Not essential, that is just the way i made it)
Waterbased wood glue (very important)
- Superglue
- Appropriate size drills

For materials you can either decide what to use and buy that, or you can see what you have lying around. I, because of my very tight budget, went with latter. The wood i used is teak and birch, but that was just because it was what i had. When you choose wood for this project, make sure it is some hard wood, ceder is for example not hard enough (I'm guessing). This is because of the amount and size of detailing. The axle is made of birch as well, and the sleeves are some carbonfibre tubing i had in my basement. The custom pin that serves as an axle as well is 1mm silver wire. I had it lying around, and since i know how to silver solder, i decided to make it that way. Silver is not at all optimal, because it is so soft, and there is a way to big risk that bends or breaks. If you can find another way of making the pin, i would advise that. Please let me know if you have any ideas. 
I also ordered 20 disc magnets from supermagnete.de in the dimension Ø3x1mm. 
And of course our friend, the sandpaper.