Step 4: The slides outer shape

Picture of The slides outer shape
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2013-01-15 16.15.16.jpg
To make the slides, i printed out all my drawings 1:1, and cut them out. Make sure you keep track of the numbers of them, it is very important that they are not mixed up. My drawing show the slide from the front, back, and from the face that are going to be the plane in witch it turns to switch between oval box and heart. I now glued (with waterbased woodglue) the pieces of paper to my blanks, so i could start shaping them. I only glued the paper drawing to one side, and i used for each piece the side that would be the front of the slide. This is a little tricky to explain, i hope you get where I'm heading. Remember to also consider how the lines in the wood will align when they are turned around. 

With the paper in place, i started cutting the pieces, first roughly on the bandsaw, then a little closer on the bandsaw again, but with more easy to handle pieces, and finally on the rotary flap sander. On the flap sander i sanded them down, until i just hit the paper. (remember, you still only have paper one one side of the wood). As you can see in the picture, i have a piece of plastic under my slide when I'm sanding it. This is to avoid scratches and smudge from the metal base it is lying on. 

When that was done, i had 8 almost identical pieces, except for the paper of course. 
To make sure the diagonal surface was very flat, and would fit its counterpart i set up a little jig, to sand them down to a nice flat line. It was really just a piece of sandpaper on a flat table, and a box with a 90 degree angle on top of the sandpaper. Then i just held the slide to the side of the box, and sanded the diagonal surface. 

Now i was able to glue on the rest of the drawings, because the slide had the final outer shape. I cannot stress enough that you need to keep track of the number if the slide! That was why i numbered them all in the first place. The last image is a little ahead, because as you can see, i already started working on the internal detailing.