The illusionist heart locket


Step 5: Pin

Picture of Pin
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The pin i made is, as said before, made of silver wire. This is not ideal, because the silver is so soft, but it was what i could find. 

To make it, i started our by soldering a ring, with an external diameter that just exactly fit inside the orb shaped hole that we will make in the next step. (18mm outer diameter, 16mm inner dia). Then i soldered up a ring that fit inside the bigger ring, and soldered those two together. This was to add a little strength to the pin, because if it breaks, it is back to scratch. 

With the two rings soldered together, i took a piece of wire, and put it on top of one of the 2.2 or 2.3 layers, where you can see the wire has to have an angle. Then i bent and cut it, so that it would fit in the grove that we will later make. The opposite end has to have a little ball at the end, but before we can make that, it has to be soldered in place first. Otherwise the ball would burn when soldering, so just cut a piece of wire to size, and solder the two to the rings. 

Afterwards i cleaned it up, and polished it a little. When done you will not be able to see it anyway, but just for good measure. 

To make the ball, i took a pushpin with a round end, and pulled off the little ball. Then i drilled the hole up to 1mm, and glued it on to the pin with superglue. 
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