Step 6: The slides internal detaling

Picture of The slides internal detaling
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When the paper is glued on, so that is matches the opposite side as close as possible, it is time for the internal details. By that, I mean the orb shaped hole the pin turns inside, and the groves in the two middle layers that sandwich the pin. I made everything with my dremel, and a selection of different router and sanding bits. When doing this be patient. If you need to change routerbits to make something better, do it. Even if it means changing every other minute. It is not worth it to try and do it with wrong tools, because you are too lazy to change them, you are very likely to either break or damage it, so be patient and make every detail as good as possible. The better you do it now, the better it will look as a final product. 

When making the inner detail i constantly checked the fit with the pin, to make sure i didn't either cut off to much or too little. When you have a snug fit, you can just continue from here, but note that when the paper is removed, you maybe need to make the groves and holes a tiny bit larger.