Step 8: Magnets

Picture of Magnets
2013-02-01 18.08.55.jpg
2013-02-01 18.09.22.jpg
The magnets i used is from supermagnete.de, a German website dedicated to magnets. I am very satisfied with them, and can highly recommend them. 
The magnets are small discs, 3mm in diameter and 1mm tall. You need 18, but it is nice to have some extras if you loose one or two.
To set them in place, i took a 3mm drill (surprise :) ) and drilled very small holes where it said so on the paper. I tested the depth for every hole, to make sure it would end in the best possible depth, 1mm of course. The middle layers were tricky, because the magnets are going to sit in both 1.2 and 1.3, and 2.2 and 2.3 at the same time. To make those holes, i sandwiched them together, with the pin in between, to make sure the were properly aligned. Make sure when drilling that, if your vise or whatever you use to hold it together applies pressure all the way up to the edge of the two layers, where you are drilling the hole. It is important, because otherwise the two layers might be pushed a little apart, and the magnet will not fit in afterwards. 

Note! Do not glue any magnets in place yet! Drill the holes, and then see next step before gluing the magnets in.