Step 9: Cleaning up

Picture of Cleaning up
2013-02-01 18.08.34.jpg
Now for a lovely messy part. Cleaning it up. Remember how i went off about waterbased woodglue? Here's why. 

To get the paper off the wood, simply grab a small clean sponge or towel (it will be a one-time use), dip it in water, and start rubbing. The waterbased glue will dissolve, and you will be left with some water, paper and glue mixture that can be wiped off. Remember to clean it well, so that there is not a layer of glue when you are done. Also don't use too much water, just enough to dissolve the glue. 
After cleaning them, you need to revisit your internal details. They might need to be redone a little, because the paper is removed, but also because the wood has been wet, and it might effect it. Same thing goes for the holes you have drilled, both for the magnets and the axle. 
Remember that before redoing anything, make sure the slides are completely dry first!