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Introduction: The Impossible Sofa Bed

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Why is this sofa impossible? Because it can't be found. I had 5'6" of space available, but I wanted a sofa bed which could sleep two adults. For less than $1000. I also wanted a good looking piece of furniture, AND I wanted the bed to be comfortable. I like my friends. The paper thin mattresses and steel bars found in most sofa beds are designed to make anybody flee after one painful night. A comfortable, cheap, small sofa bed which sleeps two simply does not exist on the market -- so I designed and built this one. It is 64" wide, 31" deep, yet the bed is a standard full size, comfortable for two, and the whole thing cost me about $600.

I built it mostly with materials I had on hand: one sheet of plyboo left over from another project, some casters I'd pulled off a piece of discarded furniture on the street, an old desk I didn't need anymore, and curtains from my husband's old mixing studio (you can read about the construction of his new studio here). Pretty much the only expense was the foam, which had to be cut according to very specific specs. 

This is one solid sofa. I built it in 2008 and it still looks great, despite the fact that two young boys regularly jump, read and wrestle on it. 



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    Check out this awesome Instructable. on a similar day bed

    same here I have to build 4 for 3 kids and the living room lol but I wouldn't trade it for the world I love being a dad and my boys 6 and almost 7 are helping me

    So, my guess is if you create an actual Instructable, it will be for sale somewhere? Even that would be a good thing; but we were hoping to find it here. :(

    Check out this awesome Instructable.

    Sorry... I wish it were for sale somewhere! I made this before I was active on Instrutables, so I didn't document the build properly and couldn't publish real instructions without a ton of work and reverse engineering. Sadly, I'm not able to pursue all the the ideas I come up with, but I hope this will inspire you nonetheless!

    Please may I know what thickness of plywood you used?1/2" or 3/4"? I would like to make a bed like this for 3 of my kids to sleep on...perhaps a bit of modification on the size :-)

    3/4" -- but I wouldn't recommend this design for a bed which needs to be opened and closed every day: you can't fold it up with all the sheets and bedding in place, so you have to undo and re-make the bed completely every time. This gets old pretty quickly. The bed is best for occasional use or one night visits.

    Thanks! hmm that's what I thought...I was wondering now if it's possible to a high sofa and under a twin bed with wheels and under that a trundle. like nesting chairs... I have 3 kids and very little space!! Too challenging??? or impossible? :-)

    Nothing's impossible! It just takes time and effort, which, come to think of it, is kind of impossible with 3 kids running around.... Good luck with your project!

    Do you by any chance have a detailed instructable on how to put it all together?