Picture of The incredible Steampunk Radio
Based on a USW - Receiver Kit and the idea to have a Radio with a really good sound I decided to make a radio wit a special speaker system.
The Radio is incredible because of its sound. The sound fills the whole room.

Let´s see how to make it.

The green "tube" looks like the old "magic eyes".
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Step 1: The Parts

Picture of The Parts
You need:
  • A DIY radio kit
  • A speaker
  • Some pieces of MDF
  • Water based stain
  • Wax stain
  • Brass screew
  • Brass washers
  • A PVC tube
  • Very thin ply wood
  • A precise potentiometer (10 turns)
  • two knobs
  • A switch
  • A aluminium cone
  • A refurbished lamp

Step 2: Preparing the panels

Picture of Preparing the panels
Drill holes for the mounting of the two potentiometer and the screws to mount the panel to the base stand and the tube holder.
Drill a hole for the copper fitting that holds the refurbished lamp.

Step 3: Building the base stand and the tube holder

Picture of Building the base stand and the tube holder
Glue a 21mm piece of MDF to the base plate. On this piece of MDF the panels will be mounted.
I used several pieces of MDF to build up the stand.
I cut a hole with the exact diameter of the PVC tube and glued to the stand as well.
I used normal stain first and after it ahs been dried I used wax stain for the finish.

Step 4: Preparing the tube

Picture of Preparing the tube
I glued thin ply wood around the PVC tube and than I stained it.
After this I glued inside the base stand.

Step 5: Building the speaker head

Picture of Building the speaker head
In the top plate I cut a hole for the aluminium cone and the bold´s.
In the opposite plate I cut the hole for the speaker and the bold´s as well
I used steel nuts and small tubes made od steel to mount everything together.
Horatius.Steam (author) 1 year ago
The idea is to reflect the sound and increase the sound quality.
I removed and replaced it and there was minor improvement :-)
So I am afraid it is just for the look of it.

Thank you for the question.

Have a nice day,

Horatius Steam
Is the aluminum cone to transfer the vibrations to the top plate and tube to increase the sound quality? Or is it just for the look of it?
This looks awesome.

Would it be possible to mount the antenna on the inside of the tube though to hide it from view? Or would that hamper reception?
Horatius.Steam (author)  twistedsense3 years ago
Yes it could. the best length is 75cm so you have to make the tube a bit longer.
But you have to take care bout the stain. Some sort of stain contains tiny particles of metal. This will shield the inner antenna.

With kind regards,

Horatius Steam
I'm wondering if one could use either brass or aluminum sheeting to cover the tube and act as an antenna?
This would provide a very different look, and if brass were to be used, it would dramatically enhance the "Steampunk" effect! Great project!
Rob873 years ago
Amazing idea.

Just wondering where you got the aluminum cone from?

And what did you use to hold the plywood to the PVC tube when gluing it?

Horatius.Steam (author)  Rob873 years ago
I was not able to buy one in brass or copper :-)

I am still looking for one.

I used UHU Kraft to glue the wood onto the tube.

With kind regards,

Horatius Steam
This looks fantastic !
Could the 'refurbished lamp' be replaced with a Nixie tube like the 6E1P to indicate reception quality ?
Horatius.Steam (author)  CuriousWeasel3 years ago

some of the FM IC´s will provide a signal that is an indicator for the reception quality. You can use that signal to trigger such a tube.

With kind regards,

Horatius Steam
wrsexton3 years ago
Try here for a radio kit:

that's Edmund Scientific, scientificsonline dot com. Search radio kit.
Bonzoix3 years ago
You should add one of these to it... ebay item number 280766324430.

Where in the USA can we acquire one of these radio kits?
Horatius.Steam (author)  Bonzoix3 years ago
The VU meter is from Mr.Nixie. I have one and I will use it for a tube amp.

With kind regards,

Horatius Steam
Horatius.Steam (author)  Bonzoix3 years ago
You can buy a DIY kit here CLICK   it is not the same, but you can add an amplifier to it to get more power. The schematics can be found here: CLICK

I hope that will help a bit.

With kind regards,

Horatius Steam
conmac8633 years ago
Very nice. Looks really good.
Do you have any dimensions? It looks like it is a pretty good size but I am guessing fairly small just judging by the radio kit but hard to tell really.

Thanks !!!! And great instructable.
Horatius.Steam (author)  conmac8633 years ago
Good evening from Germany.

Its 80cm high. The base plate is 24cm to 24cm and the head his 16cm to 16cm.

Wits kind regards,

Horatius Steam
Guten Tag Herr Steam.

Thank you for the dimension. That helps a lot.

Did you play with tube heights or just used a height that was aesthetically pleasing? 80 CM is taller than I thought, but really give it that steampunk look.

Anything special inside with the electronics? The kit has 2 knobs and you added the potentiometer and on/off switch. But I only see 2 knobs and the on/off.
A picture of the inside would be an awesome addition to a great instructable.

Really nice project. Thank you for sharing.
Horatius.Steam (author)  conmac8633 years ago
Good evening,

I will add a picture with the internals.

One poti is a 100K poti with 10 turns for the tuning, the other one is a normal 100K.

The switch simply switches the power from the external 12V PS to the Lamp and the receiver.

With kind regards,

Horatius Steam
Horatius.Steam (author)  Horatius.Steam3 years ago
The pictures are online.
Thank you so much for the additional pictures.
I understand much better now :-)

Really nice project.
Just make a cone from brass shim stock.

GREAT radio!
dawp3 years ago
Love the look. I wonder if i could build one into the woodstove pipe to keep my Atwater Kent Radios, Edison Phonograph, Webcor Record Changer, and Carbon Filament lightbulbs entertained:)
T-Hawke3 years ago
Awesome Again Sir!!! Your designs are GREAT, and this is no exception!!

My Regards Sir.
longwinters3 years ago
Great look, I'm curious why didn't you use brass bolts and an acorn nuts to hold the top togeather?
Horatius.Steam (author)  longwinters3 years ago
I wasnt able to buy a brass cone, so is decided to use steel for the top as well :-)

I am still looking for a brass cone. if I am able to find one I will replace the steel stuff.


H. Steam
Xenophon3 years ago
Well done, sir!
I really need to finish my desktop Steampunk amplifier.....
Anyways, you have done an amazing job as usual!
Keep up the awesome work and happy making!
(I finally got an Arduino! ~ Sorry couldn't help but to tell everyone.....)
Nice piece of SP furniture! Great work.