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Introduction: Deleted

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Step 1: Conclusion

once it's cool enough to touch with you bare hands you can take it off the stove, and peel the aluminum foil off. To use it attach one wire to the bolt on the top and another wire to the copper, the copper is your positive lead and the bolt is your negative one

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    Can't believe there are still people that buy in to John Hutchinson's crap. He has a YouTube channel. look him up. He's mentally unstable. he's the one who made this up. But the thing about his batteries is they all work like potato batteries. They're all just 2 metals reacting through an electrolyte. And he thinks he invented limitless energy. This makes me sick!

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    look at Albert Einstein bro & also look at stephen hawking did they look like mentally stable to you or did thay look normal to you? dont make persons appearance disturb with his spooky brain functioning. may be this works may be this doesnt but who know we will find something els from this accidentally, dont try to jug so quick.

    It works but not the way John Hutchinson advertises that it works. John Hutchinson, who makes money off of pretending to know how to make limitless energy. You better not be so quick to jug me, "bro," before you do your own research, like actually making one of these and figuring out just how many joules of energy you can get out of this; not a limitless amount, I assure you.

    People have actually run these for 2+ years continuous, they produce 100+ Watthours in that time from one good cell. They even live streamed it.

    no bro i didnt jug you at all i was just sayn that dont juge ppl by race or color or religon coz i actually feel sory for others by that, i didnt mean to heart you sorry. today i bought the chemicals and i am bout to test as it is true or not, i will post my result not only here at you tube too ,all the chemicals(250g) cost me 1.69USD, mony is not the problem its my time.


    where are the results ^^

    By the way, if you want to know how to properly delete instructables, all you need to do is click 'edit', on this instructable, then near the top, under 'add pictures', there is a drop down box labeled 'more'. Go into this, and click delete.

    Has anyone tried to take one of these things apart after a few months of use (after current drops and becomes stable)? I'm interested whether you would see a gap form between either magnesium or copper and the electrolyte... or both.

    Also, is there a reason that everyone seems to use a peg shaped magnesium core - a round shape where only a small portion of the metal comes in contact with electrolyte?

    Why not use magnesium foil (available on amazon) sandwiched between copper sheets? I'm thinking that increasing contact surface area would boost current.

    Is it because foil would get "eaten" too fast and the battery wouldn't last nearly as long?

    What happens if you put this in a crystal radio circuit instead of a germainium diode?

    Where do you get the magnesium, couldn't find any at Lowe's or Home Depot? Any alternatives?

    Very nice, I'll build one as soon as I can find some "No Salt"!

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    You can spend $11.99 for a 11oz shaker of No Salt from Amazon, or buy a pound of pure potassium chloride from EBay for $9.00.

    I like your post and I'm currently working on such a cell. Not meaning to nit pick or anything but current is measured in amps, not volts; "half a volt of AC current"

    No Salt is KCL or Potassium Chloride. It is $8 for a pound on Amazon.

    Dude, what is "No salt"? Can someone please explain me?

    How many volts and Mah does this produce when you put it on a car engine?

    please please can anybody help me. I live in South Africa and have googled companies all over and cannot find MAGNESIUM BLOCKS or STIPS ... they only sell Magnesium Sulphane and Magnesium ...this and that powders etc. Not the soft blocks described here. Do you have any other solution for me?? Please mail me at in case I miss a reply here!! I'll really appreciate your help. Paul.

    but these are not normal dry cells for another reason... while dry cells are called dry cells they are actually paste cells.. the mixture has a content of liquid and the battery is sealed off to prevent it from evaporation.. the crystal cells use no liquid at all and can be sealed off to prevent absorption..

    but here is a tutorial on how a true dry cell is made..