An infinity dress guide, which even a blond like me can understand!
As I was browsing through the internet I stumbled upon the infinity dress, a dress that has an infinite different ways to wear it. While browsing through all of the different ways I could wear it, I found a few I really liked! I was hooked! 
I started looking for patterns online, found some too! Unfortunate for me, all of those patterns were intended for small chest skinny girls, who can wear this dress open backed and bra-less, I cannot. I had no choice but to replan the dress patterns to fit my bra + modesty requirements.
Me, my mother and her superb sewing skills started this project together. We didn’t get mach salvation from the guides online, so we recalculated the Measurements as we saw fit, with a lot of try and error (which we will try to spare you).
And this is the story of how this guide was born!

Step 1: The Fabric

What fabric should I buy?
Flexible and heavy (I recommend some combination of Tricot – Lycra)

How mach fabric should I buy?
The fabric should be 4m long and 1.5m wide (1.5m is the standard)

The length of the skirt is determent by the width of the fabric, the rest of the fabric is used for the straps, anyone who is taller or wider and want more then 2.5m straps (not recommended!) should buy more fabric accordingly.

Note: from the excess fabric marked in the layout as X I sewed a tights pants.
<p>me encanta, felicidades.</p><p>it&acute;s lovely. I&acute;ll try to do it...</p>
Very clever, flattering, and practical--and beautiful, too! I also would like to know what &quot;teids&quot; are (I think I detect AutoCorrect's sticky fingers in evidence, lol!)
Thx so mach! <br>Lol, what you see isn&rsquo;t auto correct, its Google translator + my poor English. <br>I think I meant tights pants. Correct me if it still doesn&rsquo;t make sense. :) <br>
<p>Tights!?</p><p>&quot;Tights&quot; are thick stockings. &quot;Tights&quot; is always plural (with the 's'). Tights are thinner than most leggings, and are footed. </p>
What a great tutorial! I definitely have to try this. As a curvy girl, I have the same problem with most of the infinity dresses out there - I just can't go braless! Thank you for posting!
I love your beautifull dress, you are very clever. I think I should make one for my daughter Jackie...
I think you did a great 'ible! I've been searching for an Infinite Dress for ages, since the commercial dissapered from this commercial tv station, and this dress looks much like one on the commercial. One question: is the material you used double sided, or did you sew two materials together?
Having a little trouble with your fabric width, are you sure you don't mean 150 cm wide? If not, where does one get tshirt fabric with lycra 1.5 m( m which to me stands for meter) wide as a standard? What is a teids? Just trying understand a pattern I would definitely like to make.
1.5 metres is 150cm which is1500mm
I didn't really know how to translate Tricot, but I think this is the world I meant by T. <br>Most fabrics have a minimum of 1.5m wide when you buy them. <br>Again I don't really know how to translate it but I meant tights pants. <br>M does stand for meter. <br>Sorry for my poor English, I do relay a lot on google translator &hellip; :) <br>
No need to apologize for your English skills. Your English skills far exceed my &quot;any other language than English&quot; skills. I do well to stay out of trouble ordering food when traveling in Europe. :) <br> <br>Beautiful design, designer, and easily followed instructions! <br> <br>Thank you :)
I completely agree with JWEngland <br> <br>Reminds me of the old joke: People who speak 3 languages are trilingual. People who speak two languages are bilingual. People who speak one language are Americans. :)
Thanks for clarifying that , I guess I'm just not used to using 1.5 m as width, thanks again
In the US, most knit fabric is 60&quot; wide, which is ~1.5M, which =150cm.
You did an excellent job showing how to putting it all together. I love how you wear it also. Very beautiful! thanks for sharing.
Cute :)
Love this dress. What language do you speak?
Where did you get your fabric?? Love it
Thx :) I got my fabric from a little shop down town were I live. <br> <br>
I am going to show this instructible to my wife she made her own wedding dress and all special occasion dresses. She even made the suite our son wore to our wedding.
Wow I'm honored! <br>And your wife is awesome! Making her own wedding dress is so special! <br>
Great Job !
Pure brilliant on the modesty strip!!!
Amid all the technical jargons and mind boggling schematics and impractical electronic projects (for normal people) this project is so welcome, such a great contrast and really practical. Thank you. Please post more.
I found somewhere a long tube of a heavy jersey fabric in a lilac tone. Seemed to be woven as one continuous tube. Would make a great tube dress or skirt. Anyone seen this form?
This is great! Thanks! <br><br>I've seen lots of different tutorials for this kind of dress online but I love the wide waist piece you added. It makes the dress much more modest and versatile for those of us who are well endowed!<br><br>One thing you might consider is doubling up the fabric for the straps when using a non-reversible fabric. It would use a little more fabric but it would give it a more finished look. It looks awesome either way though!<br><br>Thanks for taking the time and all the pictures!
This is the sort item women used make fior themselves all time. but its becoming a lost art because of big box stores effects on commerce. i like that you worked on the instructable with your mom helping. we forget how important it is to have advisors and mentors. i was impressed and i'm a guy with a skirt i saw called the sweet spot skirt on the internet. it was multi demensional skirt that adjusted to fit young women to older women it was reversable as well.that lady made business out selling them once she learned how to. so i encourage you to make more for your own wardrobe and skill set. great ible
Thx so mach. Actually one of the reasons I made this intractable was because all of my friends wanted one too! And I do think this is an important dress for any girl to have. And it is very interesting to hear the story behind the skirt! I have a few of those skirts (who don&rsquo;t gain a few pounds over the winter?) and never know that story :)
my bad i dont have a skirt lol <br>
Great project! I had lots of fun making <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Convertible-Dress/">mine</a>&nbsp;but the straps came out a bit narrow in mine.
Thx! Your project is grate to! I was looking at it for references as well! but because my body type is different than yours I did widen the strap on mines.

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