The Junck Yard Annihiliator Low Rider


Introduction: The Junck Yard Annihiliator Low Rider

this is the picture befare with a v8 engine and a low rider look to it and a chooped off roof to make it smaller to give a hot rod look. I will upload a newer version of its soon. :)



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    wow lol i am almost done with my new upgrawo des well how didi got my truck like this, i went to show this to my brother and i droped it and split in two parts so i thought hmm i,m going to put the two parts back in to one hole and just post it as it it yaaaa long story shorts it gae me a new idle.

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    Ok. Make the next one a racing truck like you'd find in a nascar race =D

    hmm that sounds like a good idle and challenged for my to come up with a desin. I'll think of that.

    nice one