Have you ever found yourself in a rut? I've found that if I do the things I will list below, It not only makes me productive, but a happier person. Follow these steps

Step 1: Keep Clean

When I am unhappy I usually clean something so if something gets you down clean your house or room, organize a shelf, or anything to do with organization or cleanliness. Being in a clean environment makes it easier to appreciate and enjoy being alive. Plus cleaning takes your mind off of whats upsetting you in the first place.

Step 2: Take a Shower

Sometimes when your so deep under just go take a shower and think about all the things that are stressing you or making you unhappy and try to come up with a way to solve them. This leads to your problems seeming simpler and not as bad.

Step 3: Getting Productive

When I am upset about life,school, or something worse like the fact that were out of milk I try to build something, draw something, or just think about something creative.
I hope doing these things will cheer you up
This is really nice. You made me smile. These things work for me too! :)
Hello &quot;Thecherrywolf&quot; You have really hit on something here. Your ideas are valid but I think there are many more answers to this than 3. I hope we see others on this site add their OWN INSTRUCTABLE on how to manufacture some happiness in this life. I will quickly add a couple to your list : <br> <br> 1. Play a harmonica. If you can BREATHE, you can play one. You don't even <br> need to be GOOD at it, just goofing around playing music helps. By the way, <br> if you try this, start with a HOHNER bluesband &quot;C&quot; model. only cost 5 bucks. <br> <br> 2.. Go for a walk in a woodsy area or park. Walk a little... sit a little... on the park <br> benches. Married? hold the wife's hand as you walk. FREE happiness 4 U. <br> <br> 3... If you don't have a DOG... get one NOW. My dog gives me FACE-LICK therapy <br> and SOFT-BITE-MY-HAND treatments.. for FREEEEEE! <br> <br>I could say more... but... I should make my OWN instructable on this. Hope to see others do the same. Great idea for an instructable sir/mr. Thecherrywolf <br> <br> <br>
<p>I also try to help someone else</p>
<p>Thank you for the nice instructable</p><p>Rima</p>
I like to fire automatic weapons while screaming to relieve stress
Why the hell did this come up when I searched dubstep?
hey framistan I'm glad you channeled something deep and shared your messages like me
Happy for u
Thank You !

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