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Have you ever found yourself in a rut? I've found that if I do the things I will list below, It not only makes me productive, but a happier person. Follow these steps

Step 1: Keep Clean

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When I am unhappy I usually clean something so if something gets you down clean your house or room, organize a shelf, or anything to do with organization or cleanliness. Being in a clean environment makes it easier to appreciate and enjoy being alive. Plus cleaning takes your mind off of whats upsetting you in the first place.
jsneddon12 years ago
This is really nice. You made me smile. These things work for me too! :)
framistan2 years ago
Hello "Thecherrywolf" You have really hit on something here. Your ideas are valid but I think there are many more answers to this than 3. I hope we see others on this site add their OWN INSTRUCTABLE on how to manufacture some happiness in this life. I will quickly add a couple to your list :

1. Play a harmonica. If you can BREATHE, you can play one. You don't even
need to be GOOD at it, just goofing around playing music helps. By the way,
if you try this, start with a HOHNER bluesband "C" model. only cost 5 bucks.

2.. Go for a walk in a woodsy area or park. Walk a little... sit a little... on the park
benches. Married? hold the wife's hand as you walk. FREE happiness 4 U.

3... If you don't have a DOG... get one NOW. My dog gives me FACE-LICK therapy
and SOFT-BITE-MY-HAND treatments.. for FREEEEEE!

I could say more... but... I should make my OWN instructable on this. Hope to see others do the same. Great idea for an instructable sir/mr. Thecherrywolf

SparkySolar10 months ago

I also try to help someone else

SparkySolar10 months ago

Thank you for the nice instructable


I like to fire automatic weapons while screaming to relieve stress
Why the hell did this come up when I searched dubstep?
Thecherrywolf (author) 2 years ago
hey framistan I'm glad you channeled something deep and shared your messages like me
3lmira2 years ago
Happy for u
Thank You !