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My knex MOS50 (Multi-Optional Sniper) is one of my newest guns I have built, and took about 3 months to prefect it as much as possible (I still haven't finish the ram and the holding system). This sniper combines both Power and Looks, into one very good sniper.

-Scope Included.
-Mag Included.
-Bipod attachment or front handle attachment
-Comfortable butt.
-Comfortable handle.
-Muzzle break.
-Realistic leveling on scope (Up/ down, Right/Left) *It does nothing*
-Cool new system of firing.
-Mag is in the back.
-Stock continues over the but to insure better accuracy when shooting.

Have fun, Build, Enjoy, Play.
(Might take a long time)

Almost forgot, when I built this, i had only 5 pieces left in my box of
knex so be ready for this! LOL


rnombrado (author)2011-10-30

please post!!!!

willeep (author)2009-11-08


pls (author)2008-11-30

For some reason i really like the look of the chamber XD, and the front of the barrel is awesome tooo! Looks like i used the same type of body design as you on accident. Took me two days to make and perfect mine:) no stock though:(

tabbyowns (author)pls2009-04-13

Dude thats a freaken long gun!

pls (author)tabbyowns2009-04-13

Didn't even have a stock!

hellpilot (author)pls2009-03-27


knexguy (author)pls2008-12-14

Does that have an internal mag?

pls (author)knexguy2008-12-14

No, you put the bullet in the chamber, and slide it into place like so.

knexguy (author)pls2008-12-14

Oh, ok.

pls (author)knexguy2008-12-14


knexguy (author)pls2008-12-15

So it is sort of bolt action? If you made the bolt push the ram back and bulk it up to completely cover the chamber then you will have one of the best bolt actions here!

hellpilot (author)knexguy2008-12-15

sort of.

pls (author)knexguy2008-12-15

Haha i guess so:)

hellpilot (author)knexguy2008-12-14

Internal mag? Ummm no. Its external you can build 5 mags if you want. Its almost done btw. I created lots of mods for the sniper sense its a "Multi-optional sniper". Its also stronger its weighs more than a normal knex rifle would too -_-

knexguy (author)hellpilot2008-12-14

I was asking knex_pls about his rifle.

hellpilot (author)pls2008-12-13

Yeah usally the barrel is wider (by up and down) but sense the chamber is really in the back, its not fat. IM so close to being done but system to hold it is kicking my brain.

pls (author)hellpilot2008-12-13


hellpilot (author)pls2008-11-30

Futuristic gun their. I like futuristic guns. It looks flimsy in the pic and like a piece of junk (Mine) but if you built it, it is really good. I added more options to it.

pls (author)hellpilot2008-11-30

oooo, okay!

erikos kostarikos (author)2009-01-20

it looks like the cs-6XD


erikos kostarikos (author)2008-12-31

=(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((why stopping?=((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

its too big of a sniper, i mean way to big. GINORMOUS. Im makeing a different sniper that sticks to the old rules, but maybe something new meh.

hellpilot (author)2008-12-23

After this im starting my new gun. Its a Assault Rifle from Empires (Game) it uses a barrel mag so I will just have to keep working at it till it works. Thomas Jefferson's working on the light bulb and failing many times keeps me motivated :P.

hellpilot (author)2008-12-14

By the way keep a look out for my new slideshow. Sense I did lots of more stuff to it, i dont feel like adding pictures...

hellpilot (author)2008-12-03

No more comments :(

knexguy (author)hellpilot2008-12-14

Don't worry, my knife still gets comments and it was posted a year and a half ago!

hellpilot (author)2008-12-07

Its almost done!

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