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This is the knex Mac 10. With slide action. Here is a video of the Mac 10 knex gun. I post it soon. its is a video of the gun


ant ant 33 (author)2010-03-16


Raikou-san (author)ant ant 332010-03-18


ant ant 33 (author)Raikou-san2010-03-19

 ill have a look at that, i havent hard of it before

~Aeronous~ (author)ant ant 332010-05-12

umm, fools, yes,
coff coff, actually look around before you say something completely idiotic like that.
Tank Bow
the Rebel
Sweet Revenge
Not a rectangle (A.K.A Untangle)
J5-Barricade Shotgun
Heavy Cannon
Heavy Cannon V5
War Crossbow
Gorkems SR
AA Sniper
Logic Bow.
thats off the top of my head.

didexo (author)~Aeronous~2013-03-09


Inventor X (author)~Aeronous~2011-08-18

Knexsayer ? :D

ant ant 33 (author)~Aeronous~2010-10-08

why the hell do you people make knex guns ??? wont your mommy let you get an airsoft gun???? awwwww.....
If you are over the age of 15 on this site then you really need to get out more...

Inventor X (author)ant ant 332011-07-21

ant ant 33,

We make K'nex guns because we like to create new ways to make them which is, in a way , innovative. Now if you want to go ahead get something pre-assembled and non-creative, go right on ahead, because we prefer to make them, and at the same time discover new ways to make them, rather than to go buy some industrially produced crap. Thank you , and have a nice day.

Skreetsha (author)ant ant 332011-03-18

No life much? You go out to troll people on Instructables? Jesus dude, you can't even be a proper troll. Now get off Ibles before you ruin it.

apples!!!!! (author)Skreetsha2011-05-25

Don't feed the trolls; ignore them.

Skreetsha (author)apples!!!!!2011-05-26

Sounds like a sign you see at the zoo. Lol

apples!!!!! (author)Skreetsha2011-05-26

It practically is, lol. The internet is a zoo where the animals aren't caged and trolls run free. Luckily, most are like this guy, and are very easy to deal with :P

Skreetsha (author)apples!!!!!2011-05-29

Lmao xD

apples!!!!! (author)Skreetsha2011-05-29

What's sad is it's true. Anyways, are you going to be active on the site again or are you just browsing and stuff?

Skreetsha (author)apples!!!!!2011-06-06

Just browsin, im out of the building part of it, more the commenting every now and then

apples!!!!! (author)Skreetsha2011-06-06

Ah, I see. That's how it was for me for about two years lol. Well, good luck to you!

entenie-1995 (author)ant ant 332011-02-22

i dont make knex guns for almost a year now, I've got a better hobby make usic, DJing :P

~Aeronous~ (author)ant ant 332010-10-09

Which I am not, and in Australia airsoft guns are class A firearms, so they are the equivalent of a real gun. Besides anyone with brains could simply manage to get hold of $20 and just go to Wal-Mart to buy an airsoft. With brains, which you don't seem to have, although I do agree that airsoft guns are much better than knex guns, however the simple fun of actually building what you are shooting tops airsoft for a lot of people. Most knexers on the site make knex guns to build them, not for the power. Its the fun of creating mechanisms, such as the ZKAR V2. Why don't you go ask all the people who make little plastic models of helicopters why they don't just get remote controlled ones. Tool.

RubrDuckZilla (author)~Aeronous~2011-02-13

well said

ooh nice one there, Aeronous.

killersir751 (author)ant ant 332010-12-13

i'm 12 does that count?

JonnyDude2008 (author)ant ant 332010-11-28

And yet here you are looking at k'nex guns yourself and commenting on them.

killersir751 (author)~Aeronous~2010-12-15

the only ones in that list that i have actually heard of are: TR18, Tank Bow, Desperado,Heacy Cannon, Heavy Cannon V5, Gorkem's Sniper, and the Logic Bow
most of them i wanted to build but don't have enough pieces
and i like the Dash slinghot crossbow aswell
never built it but i might try to

MegaMetal8 (author)~Aeronous~2010-10-05

Whats the rebel

mister knex (author)Raikou-san2012-10-31

or SR V2

Inventor X (author)Raikou-san2011-07-21

TR18 is good if you have a buncha of pieces, but this is good for people who have smaller amounts of K'nex. :P

rookiebuilder (author)Raikou-san2010-12-14


Lennywc (author)2012-11-01

Where are the building instructions?

Puddock (author)2011-12-05

Its nice.

steelerssuck (author)2011-02-05

nice props to the trigger mech. I base all my triggers on this one

luke11wolf (author)steelerssuck2011-07-04

I hate your name.

dumdum79 (author)luke11wolf2011-07-05

but not luke11wolf the steelers suck 1

dumdum79 (author)luke11wolf2011-07-05

same here

knex_master of awesome (author)2011-06-02

Can you make instructions if you have already made some can you give me the link please.

ryry2011 (author)2011-04-04


Danny A (author)2009-08-03

Neat! im definently gonna make! :D

NINJAboyofwisdom (author)Danny A2010-02-19

 Don't. It sucks.


rookiebuilder (author)TigerNod2010-11-06

Actually, there is another, smaller version of this same gun here on Instructables. I forget the name, but it is not called the Mac-10. It fires the shortest green rods.

yeah, i made it, only kept it for about 3 hours then broke it up to use the Y connectors for a G36 gun
it's pretty good
i'll send a link wether you like it or not

Ok. Send away!
i would recommend builidng it but it uses A LOT of green rods (smallest size)
and i nearly ran out st the end, had to mod to reduce the size of the barrel

Smasher555 (author)2010-11-27

You're not supposed to review your own guns, you know.

(YOUR N (author)2010-11-22

luk rely real best mac on v site

slipdiddy101 (author)2010-11-11


wertywaster (author)2010-06-09

it looks dorky

speedbump14 (author)2010-03-14

please make instructions

RavenFox6041 (author)2010-03-14

it wasnt hard to make

dmytro509 (author)2010-01-08

i once made it and it works great i recomend for people to buld it :) :): ) :)

monty2556 (author)2009-09-12

it really slow

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