This is my knex pinball machine! Its super cool and is very big.
Pros and cons:
1. Very big
2. Smooth flippers.
3. Cool elements.
4. Jack pot hole.
5. Jack pot ball return.
6. Looks cool.
7. Durable.
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Woah great idea! I tried making a tiny one years ago...and failed xD Favourited
That's great!
Thank you.
can you make instructions ?
its gone i took it apart. sorry <br>
I like the ball return.
Good build man.
Looking nice :D
you should post instructions on this
well when i had takin pictures right after i did i started building my new gun with blue mullet.
Great build. I could never do that let a lone when I was into knex.
thx it was not that hard.really=D
ya i know
thx Man ya i know right=D. <br>

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