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Introduction: The Knex Pinball Machine

About: Hi i am a knexer that builds and post how to build guns and weapons. My specilty is guns and new amos.You can subsribe to what ever you feel is cool to you.Remeber to rate,subsribe and comment.All bad commen...

This is my knex pinball machine! Its super cool and is very big.
Pros and cons:
1. Very big
2. Smooth flippers.
3. Cool elements.
4. Jack pot hole.
5. Jack pot ball return.
6. Looks cool.
7. Durable.
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    Woah great idea! I tried making a tiny one years ago...and failed xD Favourited

    its gone i took it apart. sorry

    well when i had takin pictures right after i did i started building my new gun with blue mullet.

    Great build. I could never do that let a lone when I was into knex.

    1 reply

    thx it was not that hard.really=D

    thx Man ya i know right=D.